Gearbox Software comments on the performance of Borderlands 2 on Playstation 3

Gearbox Software’s Paul Hellquist comments on how confident they are at the performance of the Playstation 3 version of Borderlands 2 compared to the other versions.

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Brosy2275d ago

I'll wait for Lens of Truth to do a comparison. Many a dev has been known to talk up the PS3 version only to be proven wrong later.

-Mika-2275d ago

But Gearbox isn't like other developers. They can be trusted.

"and want to make sure that our Playstation customers are well taken care of. So yeah we tackled all that stuff and it’s certainly on par with all the other platforms."

Freaking take notes bethesda. This is what developers who respect their fans and paying customers do. They try their hardest to make sure they put out a quality product on both all platforms.

I wasn't a huge fan of the original borderlands but I would buy BL2 because of the respect these guys show it fans.

dubt722274d ago

Wow, it took 2 posts for the Bethesda bashing to begin. I love gearbox and Bethesda! Great success!

vortis2274d ago

One of the few times Mika isn't trolling and speaks truth.

On this rare and illustrious occasion you will get bubbles.

Gearbox ftw.

Nimblest-Assassin2274d ago

Everything gearbox has done with borderlands 2, has forgiven duke nukem 10 fold

Im playing on pc, but its great to hear PS3 gamers won't be getting shafted

bubblebeam2274d ago


Gearbox are not to blame for DUKE NUKEM. they always get the blame. It was made by Human head studios/3D realms (one of the 2, CBF checking)and Gearbox had to ship it pretty much.

makemyteapunk2274d ago

"I wasn't a huge fan of the original borderlands but I would buy BL2 because of the respect these guys show it fans."

LOL, so all a company has to do is say something nice about people and you are sold? You're a sucker and you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a credit card.

Knight_Crawler2274d ago

LMFAO...So your comparing BL2 with Skyrim?!

AAWELLS092274d ago

The engine for Borderlands and the engine for The Elder Scrolls series are completely different engines and cant be compared as they run completely different and do completely different things while playing each game. The engines are amazing in there own ways and if either of them changed and ran like the other than they wouldnt be the games they are. The only thing Bethesda did wrong was releasing the game on PS3 as the engine doesnt run well on that machine. Some might say "well Fallout 3 at least ran well on PS3" and youd be right saying that but the engine now is much more complex in what it does , im most of you wont/dont wanna except this but its true. The ones that dont wanna execpt it will spam disagree but that wont change the facts. I dont like it one bit that this is happening as Skyrim is truly an awesome experience.

Knight_Crawler2274d ago

Well said aawell - Try droping a gun in BL2 on one side of the map and come back for it 15 minutes later and you will see that the gun is gone - in Skyrim you can drop something somewhere and it will remain there.

Comparing Skyrim to BL2 is like comparing GTA to Sants Row...which is pointless.

JAMurida2274d ago

"and want to make sure that our Playstation customers are well taken care of. So yeah we tackled all that stuff and it’s certainly on par with all the other platforms."

You do know that Bethseda said the same thing about Skyrim on PS3 and how it will be the same on all platforms and looked what happen. Borderlands one played fine on PS3 for me, and I'm sure that it will be fine with Borderlands 2, (or at least I hope it will), but I have given up on trust words from people in the game industry. I'll let my experience with the game be the final judge.

DragonKnight2273d ago

@aawells: The biggest difference between Skyrim's engine and Borderlands 2's engine (aside from being designed for very different games) is age. Bethesda have used the Gamebryo engine for far too long despite it causing massive problems in all of their games across all platforms. Guaranteed that if Bethesda made Skyrim on a NEW engine, they could get everything to work perfectly fine on the PS3. They just decided to be lazy and use the same engine over and over like every single dev that has used Unreal Engine 3 or Valve constantly using Source. It's all an attempt to save a few bucks so that they make more money. Bethesda are completely at fault when it comes to Skyrim's problems. When all 3 platforms have had the same problems (PS3 more than the others though) then you know it's Bethesda's coding.

jmac532273d ago

You pathetic PS3 fanboys and your short-term memory. The original borderlands had issues on the PS3 with frame rate and co-op play.

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Bigpappy2274d ago

This game is not heavy on graphics. It should run fine on all systems.

HammadTheBeast2274d ago

A massive world, and great graphics for the art style it's taken.

geddesmond2274d ago

Yeah I never worry about how the PS3 version of a game is until I here devs say it works great and then I wonder why would they say that. But given this was a reply to a question asked then I've no worries.

Tdmd2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Well, the first Borderlands worked perfectly on my ps3. Additionally, - IF I'm not mistaken - reviewers are saying that there's not much difference regarding each platform performance.

Delicious Malicious2274d ago

I dont know if I will even have time for Borderlands 2. Im still playing the Dawnguard DLC

Thatguy-3102274d ago

Lol I can't stop getting the feeling how this was brought to their attention with all the Skyrim problems going on. I honestly have towards respect for this studio and devs should take notes that if they are charging for a product the same for all platforms they better believe they all play and perform the same way. Don't have Borderlands 2 yet but im more confident on how the game will come out. Getting it fiesta thing tomorrow morning.

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soljah2274d ago

hope this one has voice chat that works on the ps3

akaFullMetal2274d ago

I've been playing with my friends, the voicechat works great this time and the party system is easy and works.

ZodTheRipper2274d ago

I'll rather see for myself, the first game had some minor problems on the PS3 :/

Skate-AK2274d ago

I just want the voice chat to work on PS3. I can't even talk to my brother on the original Borderlands.

andibandit2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )


No!!, not interested in damn workarounds, just make it WORK!.

Lord_Sloth2274d ago

Personally I look to my right when talking to my brother in online coop games. We have our TVs side by side. XXXD

MySwordIsHeavenly2274d ago

That's not a workaround. That's called "using something". Do you not like using things?

Skype via your Vita or something. It's very easy to do. It's not like you're inconvenienced by the PS3 not having cross game chat. There are several other solutions. It would be a workaround if it were inconvenient to do, but it's not. I use Skype on my PC instead of Live, as well. It's just better, despite Microsoft owning Skype now.

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makemyteapunk2274d ago

Voice chat hardly ever works properly on PS3, on xbox its perfect. You should be used to Sony not fixing problems by now.

Clarence2274d ago

WTH are you talking about Ive never had any problems with my PS3 voice chat. Paying for live, RROD, and disc scratching. I know your use to getting shafted.

inb4its2late2274d ago


Well obviously you do not own a PS3 nor have used the voice chat in game on PS3. Cause you would know that the voice chat is fine, with a occasional hiccup ever now and then.

And BTW, maybe you can enlighten me on what problems Sony hasn't fixed.

Silly gameAr2274d ago

Yeah. makemyteapunk is definitely full of it.

Argus92274d ago

What are you talking about? Voice chat works perfectly fine on my end.

taquito2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

"Previously, Gearbox noted an improved native multiplayer matchmaking system, a Field of View slider, and "better menus" that make the mouse "usable". They also said Borderlands 2 will have "fully remappable keybindings for the keyboard and mouse and a 'PC-specific' user interface".

Martel added: “That’s just the fundamental nature of making these kinds of games – you’re predominantly making it on a PC and then using consoles to test that it works properly. You do have to make it with all of the systems in mind. If you concentrate on just one it becomes economically unviable.”

good to hear honesty and I hope all versions are as freaking awesome as the pc version is, even though the graphics on the pc version are by far the best, at least I hope they can make the framerate good and the mp work on consoles.