"Wii U Chat" discovered. But what is it?

"Nintendo Nation discover that Nintendo's "Wii U chat" and the promise of eShop applications have been hiding away all this time on Wii U's console packaging artwork."

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Moonman2222d ago

At the direct, Reggie said free video chat. Given the camera on the Gamepad, it's going to be simple.

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Shok2222d ago

Probably the Wii U's cross game chat.

Game4life2222d ago

I sure hope so. If not we can dream can't we?

Griffin48712222d ago

Hopefully we can unlock outfits and accessories for Miis through achievements and things like that.

ElectricKaibutsu2222d ago

YES, this. I could see that being pretty darn addicting.

MySwordIsHeavenly2222d ago

I'm glad they're including this. WHY don't they share things like this with the public before the system comes out though?!? I don't get it... Why hide good features?

Phones have it. Tablets have it. 360/PS3 have it, although not through a handheld device. The Vita has it. I'm glad they're adding it to the Wii U. ^_^

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