Nintendo branches out, but can the Wii U capture the future?

"When Nintendo showed off its "TVii" app yesterday, one of the more perplexing features was a series of concentric dials controlling volume, source, and playback. It's entirely possible that the dials work well, even if we didn't get to try them. But more than anything, the mystery meat interface evokes the kind of future that's seen in movies and video games past and present. Looking over the rest of Nintendo's Wii U line, it's easy to see it as a similar negotiation between the current state of gaming and the new systems Nintendo hopes to add.", writes TheVerge.

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Hatsune-Miku2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

It can't capture the future with outdated technology. I was a nintendo gamer who got the Wii and was disappointed and told people years ago how Nintendo will release an amazing console next time with amazing technology but I should have counted out Nintendo because the GameCube was the same disappointment. No core gamers in their right mind would rather the Wii u over any of the next gen systems if they know about the history of the companies.

Wii has been stuck in the 90million range for years because its not selling like it useto because people realized a few things. It's outdated tech, it doesn't get the big name multiplatform games like hd consoles, it lacks a proper online service, and a few other things.

Most of the wood problems stems from the fact that it was way underpowered compared to hd consoles and Wii u will be the same once next gen consoles are here. How is this console suppose to last until 2018 with such weak hardware. Mobile phones now are basically mote powerful than a Wii u that is suppose yo release soon. Imagine the specs of mobile phones next year. Mobile phones and Wii u might be upporting multiplatform games soon. The most important things also are The games and Wii u lacks exclusive titles .

jjdoyle2220d ago

somebodys forget nintendos has zeldas?

mike1up2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Every gamer that has owned a Gamecube, and Wii, usually forget the entire Legend of Zelda series. It happens all of the time... LMAO.

/S x10

ChickeyCantor2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

This character you've created is terrible and so desperate. I hope you are a very different person on life.

mike1up2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Do you mean, Mom's basement different?


10 year old with too much time on his hands different?

ChickeyCantor2219d ago


Doesn't matter. Either way he shouldn't be this persistent when socializing. People will annoy the crap out of em self.

mike1up2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

"The most important things also are The games and Wii u lacks exclusive titles."

Last time I checked New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, ZombiU, and Rayman Legends were all exclusive titles.

Wait, I know that I am forgetting one....
Hmmm, oh yea...

Bayonetta 2 *smiles*.

metroid322219d ago

Yes but Mass effect special edition,Batman arkham city armoured edition,Trine 2 dc,Ninja gaiden razors edge,are all unique/superior versions of the same games on ps3.

Assasins creed 3,Black op 2,Fifa13,Madden13,Aliens CM,Project cars,are all superior versions with improved textures/lighting and also run in 1080p/60fps and this is at launch makes the wiiu even more powerful going off 360 struggling to beat xbox1 graphics in its first year ????this is day 1 launch titles also the wiiu can get a superior port for less than a million bucks ?? Ground up games will destroy Assasins creed 3/Aliens CM graphics as i class them th best this gen.

ElectricKaibutsu2219d ago

I can capture the future with outdated technology. Check out my DeLorean.

metroid322219d ago

Guess what guys IBM on twitter again confirmes the wiiu is using a quad core power 7 cpu with Watson tech confirms the wiiu to be a beast coupling this with a souped up E6760 which has DX11/opengl 4.1/Compute shader 11/HD3D/SM 5.0 and also the 32mb of Edram shared between the gpu/cpu and 4gig of Ram 2 gig for retail wow makes this wiiu a Next Next gen console.

ElectricKaibutsu2219d ago

I don't know about 'Next Next', but if all that's true (though I admit I don't know what half that stuff means) then I hope the Wii U will get the multiplatform releases it missed out on the last gen. Of course all of this is hearsay until the Wii U is released and someone cracks it open.

ninjabake2219d ago

Not sure how you have 4 bubbles with your consistent trolling of Nintendo.

Mikito112219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Hatsune Miku, By your logic, PS Vita should be flying of the shelves lol
PS fan boy much?

2219d ago
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TongkatAli2219d ago

It can capture its already existing fanbase which is good enough.

Wolfbiker2219d ago

I think people point to graphical prowess too much when speaking of "technology" Nintendo is on the verge of releasing the ultimate media HUB I'm the Wii U and if they can successfully capture a healthy install vase by 2014 there will be gamers that see the Wii U as an integral piece of there entertainment center and won't want to part with it. Not to mention when Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles the development costs will be very high for them where the Wii U will still be Very reasonable and still have a fresh take on HD gaming. I think the 3 will co exist but if Microsoft continues down their path now trying to capture the casual crowd they will create an identity crisis and that could hurt them.

cleft52219d ago

I am glad to see that there are a few people on n4g that can see things clearly. So many people let the fact that Nintendo is making the WiiU get in their way that they don't see what the actual console is about. I can understand the bitterness and resentment to a point, but to close your eyes and mind to the truth is just sad. I am glad Nintendo is doing what they need to do to force people to open their eyes and hopefully later on their minds.

I never brought a Wii because I didn't see enough on that console for me as a hardcore gamer. I feel sorry for the folks that jumped on the Wii bandwagon only to end up with a console that they stop using a week later. I will get a WiiU because their is already enough games their for me as a hardcore gamer to justify the purchase and I can tell that Nintendo is at least trying their best to give hardcore gamers what they want. I never felt that way for the Wii.

Wolfbiker2219d ago

And you benefit because you can now go into backlog of great Wii games like Xenoblade, The Last story, loz skyward Sword and more. Sure there isn't much on Wii but there is still some quality lol.

Yeah I admit I was turned off by the way Nintendo originally presented the Wii U but the more I educate myself on it the more I realize how much of a great improvement it is not only of the Wii but the PS3 and 360 as well and judging by the landscape of gaming now I think it will gain the software support from the AAA publishers it needs because it is after all Nintendo and unless these publishers hate money I don't anticipate them passing it up. Also I've heard it is similar to the 360 to develop for which is great.

ninjabake2219d ago


The Wii U is actually getting a watered down port of Madden 13 (smh @ EA Sports) but all the rest of those games you listed will be at least as good as the PS3/360 versions.

Wolfbiker2219d ago

That is just so lazy on EA's part.

josephayal2219d ago

WII U is the future, Nintendo will bring a Wii U Zelda game in 2013, and it'll be the biggest game ever

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