Retailer lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for Wii U

A swedish retailer is listing GTA V for the Wii U. Will this end up a reality like Wii U listings for Black Ops 2 proved true, or is this just a mistake?

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LOGICWINS2221d ago

I'm sure Nintendo will save this announcement for E3.

mrbojingles2221d ago

Obviously he means E3 2013.

1upgamer992221d ago

Okay, You think the announcement is going to be at E3 2013 in 10 months when GTA will already have been out for months on other systems...I don't think that they are going to wait ten months for the announcement you guys must be on drugs. If they made an announcement at E3 2013 when a game has been listed on a release list for 10 months for Wii Uthat would not be whatever

DaThreats2221d ago

This version should be the superior version with the 1gb ram advantage.
I expect for there to be exclusive enhancements in this game besides the controller use.

Shaman2221d ago

There won't be Wii U version. You can wake up now...

mrbojingles2221d ago

This listing isn't a confirmation by any means, no.

But if the game is coming to 360/PS3 then why not? It can more than handle it.

I agree that I don't think it will come to the system but that's only because third parties (and Take Two) like to hide behind the idea that they can't sell games like this on a Nintendo system

Shaman2221d ago

Its not that I don't want it to come, actually I would, if Nintendo guys would buy it. Its that T2 said they don't plan to release core games on Wii U. And knowing R*...They aren't interested in developing for it either.

iamnsuperman2218d ago

And Rockstar are really going to do that considering the PC versions are usually on par with the consoles versions (you know PCs have more ram as standard). Wake up to reality. It is going to be the same as every other version

1upgamer992221d ago

For those of you saying "there wont be a Wii U version" YOUR WRONG just like all of the other things YOU GUYS have posted before about the WiiU...The Pre-orders are SOLD OUT. Black Ops 2 is "Superior" on Wii U says ACTIVISION why wouldn't GTA be on a system that is going to shake things up!
Developers are LOVING the GamePad too.

for we are many2221d ago

That would be perfect, it should benefit from the superior hardware, higher RAM and the new innovative controller options as well as the high capacity disc and fast disc read speed minimizing or all together eliminating loading and pop-up. Now R* and Take2 make it happen and also fix the rudimentary hand to hand combat and clunky shooting/cover mechanics, and we might end up with one of the best games ever.

Amen to that

LOL_WUT2221d ago

Wow this would be awesome!

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