Project Eternity - New Details, First Concept Art Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Obsidian Entertainment has revealed some new details about its upcoming CRPG, Project Eternity. As the company suggests, the game is still in early stage and they are still working on many of the cultures, factions, and ethnic groups of the world and debating many of the system concepts. However, there are certain fundamental things they can share with us. In addition, the team has released the first concept art that can be viewed below."

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ATi_Elite2219d ago

Not gonna go all Gaga over a a title and one pic of concept art.

This game could get CANCELED at any time like that horror game that got all hyped up at E3 even though nothing was shown, 20 million Hype me up articles later the game got canceled with still Nothing was shown.

Lets have a rule where we don't talk about a game until we have VIDEO of it!

TryMe2219d ago

You do realize this is a KICKSTARTER game right?

If they cancel it, then the 40,000 backers will deserve refunds and if they don't than Obsidian would see a mass lawsuit on there hands.

ATi_Elite2219d ago

Lawsuit? NOt Really!

Obsidian could Close, file for Bankruptcy, and not have to PAY nothing back to investors such as Kickstarters!

But Obsidian would be required to repay Debtors if they could sell off enough stuff to raise the capital!

Kickstarter is an investment and No Investment is ever guaranteed or protected!

TryMe2219d ago

Wow, you are a skeptical one aren't ya?

I wonder how you live your life..are you even able to trust anyone besides yourself? I'm sensing some deep psychological issues..personally, in my opinion

Regardless, don't buy the game, or "invest". It's your choice.