Exclusive Single-Player Footage From New Super Mario Bros. U

Nintendo has been making a big push to emphasize the multiplayer potential of the Wii U, but players are welcome to explore the Mushroom Kingdom on their own in New Super Mario Bros. U. Free from the shackles of his gangly brother Luigi and the Toads, Mario has nobody to push him off a ledge or refuse to pop his bubble in this newly released video. Watch the trailer below to see new environments, the mini mushroom, and some of Yoshi's new abilities in action.

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Adolph Fitler2272d ago

That crap could run on the current Wii......WTF are Ninteno playing us for, complete fools or what?

I think of Donkey Kong Countries obliteration of all in it's wakes graphics, & I loo at this & think, are Nintendo pulling our legs, with a inhouse developed Nintendo title looking 2 generations old, as this does.
This game could dead set run on a PS2 with nigh a graphical difference.
Makes me think, that Wii-U will not even be as technically prowess, or powerful as 360/PS3.

Nintendo & RARE used to set the benchmark for graphics on Nintendo machines back in the day, but Nintendo have been losing there touch since Sony released the PS1, & even moreso since RARE went MS exclusive, which shows that RARE & Nintendo used to be really tight & share technical tricks & coding, & since they parted ways, both have gone downhill. I guess Nintendo only lost the graphics, but still have the gameplay, whereas RARE lost gameplay & controllability as evidenced with the awesome looking but sloppy controlling & basic gameplay of Kameo, & morso with PDZ.

Be nice to see Nintendo bring there level back up, but without RARE by there side, they just aren't competative in all the areas they used to be & will never be again.

dirthurts2272d ago

While it's attractive to look at, it's definitely not pushing any boundaries.
After playing Rayman, this especially looks bad.