The best co-op games for PlayStation 3 with online campaign

A list of all games dating back to 2007 of co-op games for PlayStation 3 with a full online campaign plus 19 mini reviews of games that stood out.

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Coach_McGuirk2219d ago

it's nice to have a list like this. Couch co-op is great when you're 15, but once you grow up you find your friends on the other side of the nation due to work or family and campaign co-op can be an excellent way to "hang out" still.

Makasu2219d ago

You hit the nail on the head, this is exactly the reason i play a lot of online campaigns.

Ilovetheps42219d ago

That's a great way of putting it. Me and my friends all when to different colleges and now we can't play games together like we used to. And I mean co-op not just multiplayer.

otherZinc2219d ago

That is a terrible list of co-op games!

PS3 has nothing special in co-op, nothing. But Borderlands, the rest are co-op missions or extremely linear, no sandbox play. MGS was a joke!

If you guys were serious about co-op, there's no way in hell you could live without a 360!
Rainbow 6:Vegas 1&2
Ghost Recon AWF:1&2
Halo: Anniversary, ODST, Reach, 3, & Halo Wars
Gears 1, 2, & 3
Splinter Cell:Conviction

Those are a few of the most fantastic co-op experiences you can find "online & couch".

I only play online & single player, I play multiplayer about 1% of my gaming time now.