To The Moon Review (WikiGameGuides)

“They’ll give you a second chance, and they’ll let you relive your life. All the way…from the very beginning. Change one thing, fulfill one wish. You know what you’d wish for, don’t you?”

So reads the launch trailer for To The Moon, a touching story that weaves a web of life's most sought answers. Matters of heartbreak, suffering, unrealized wishes, and death coalesce into a thoughtfully paced narrative. Few games leave lasting impressions of characters and their mortality, and fewer still broach the subject with as much acumen as Kan Gao, founder of Freebird Games.

Johnny, the game's protagonist, dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but maturity and age quelled that boyhood fantasy. Now John lies in his lavish home, counting the minutes until the life fades from his body forever.

As they control two specialized doctors, players will journey back through John's memories to plant the seed of his final wish so he may live out his request, though only in his mind.

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