Vita Owners: What Do You Want From Remote Play?

GR's Steven "Sphyriel" Mari Writes:

The PS Vita’s most interesting feature (to me anyway) is remote play. This literally allows you to stream things (GAMES!) from your PS3 system to your Vita over a WiFi connection. AMAZING! Many Vita owners have wondered why all games on the PS3 aren’t able to be played via remote play. This is a legitimate question (and I don’t know the answer). All I know is that finally they have added some PS3 games to the remote play list.

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-Mika-2317d ago

Non-laggy streaming like the Wii-U. Remote play in its current state is pointless.

omarzy2317d ago

What? The Wii U is not even out yet. It is fine to troll, but make sure you troll something that is actually being sold. Maybe you just forgot to read all the dev statements saying that the Gamepad updates faster than the TV, however i will wait for it to be released. Your comment makes as much sense as burning fire or folding water in your hand.

DarkHeroZX2317d ago

if you want lag free connection connect via private network and or turn the screen settings down to normal.

MmaFan-Qc2316d ago

"Non-laggy streaming"

oh, mean like ICO and SOTC?


chrisarsenalsavart2317d ago

Playing with the ps3 network makes it lag free. I play in my kitchen wich is about 8 meters from the living room and have no issue with it.

My main concern is the sensivity of the back touch when using it instead of l2, l3, r2, r3.
playing God of war like this was very hard indeed.

himdeel2317d ago

Sony needs to patch the Vita so L3 and R3 can be mapped to the front touch screen.

Hicken2317d ago

They've actually got that for PSP games- sadly, not for PS1 games. But it'd be great for remote play, as well.

VitaOwner2317d ago

I want to actually be able to use remote play on more than like 5 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.