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Chad from We Got This Covered wrote:

"Unfortunately, we may not get to see the National Hockey League’s elite battle it out for rink supremacy this year. That is, unless the League and its Players’ Association come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, which seems to be a pipe dream at this point in time. However, there is one silver lining for all of us armchair sports gamers, as EA Canada hasn’t taken the year off like their real-life inspiration may. For that reason, we can (thankfully) still turn to its incredible hockey franchise for some virtual competition, as NHL 13 is now available on retail store shelves."

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Dlacy13g2225d ago

Sorry EA but I am a believer in true simulation... therefore since the NFL is on lockout, I too am on lockout from NHL 13. I won't give the owners, player unions, etc... a dime of licensing fee's until they stop being idiots.