Gearbox Software Lead Writer Anthony Burch Talks Borderlands 2

Earlier this month, FPS General was invited to visit Gearbox Software in Texas. While there, we got some hands-on with Borderlands 2 (hopefully we're not breaking NDA by saying 'so good') and even had the chance to chat with the team working on one of this year's most anticipated first-person shooters.

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Rockefellow2222d ago

I remember Anthony when he was writing for Dtoid years ago.

Sketchy_Galore2222d ago

So glad he was lead writer. There's nothing I hate more than rich happy young people with snappily edited web shows and yet I find myself happily watching and enjoying every new episode of HAWP that's released. I just hope he wrote a part for his dad somewhere in there.

Myst2222d ago

Haha that would be hilarious if his dad was a character and was in the game also agreed on the HAWP stuff