Wii U dual-GamePad functionality coming next year, says Nintendo

GZ: Last week, Nintendo finally announced the launch details for their upcoming Wii U console. We learned its November 18 release date in the U.S., as well as two separate prices for the console's launch bundles — the Basic Set and the Deluxe Set.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a price for an individual GamePad tablet controller, and that is because none of the games in the system's launch window will offer dual-GamePad functionality. In fact, it won't be until sometime next year that games will support dual-GamePad gameplay.

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ninjabake2319d ago

One can only imagine the possibilities.

cashrell11712319d ago

Strange you have to wait a year, just to basically use two controllers :/

BitbyDeath2319d ago

They're not selling them seperately so probably has to do with production, kinda like the issues Sony were having with blue diodes when PS3 was releasing.

PopRocks3592319d ago

Two gamepads. The Wii U supports Wiimote + Nunchuk and its Pro controller.

ChunkyLover532319d ago

Wii U launched in November of 2012, the update to support duel Gamepads could come three months after that, it'd still be next year. I highly doubt it'll be a full market year without the update.

And its not like you cant use two controllers, Pro and Wii controllers will work.

cee7732319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

shortage of what screens its not new tech the screens are 480p 1 point touch lcd tft tech nothing special to have a shortage over

AO1JMM2319d ago

No because you can use 4 wii motes along with the gamepad to a total of 5.

Try again....

--Onilink--2319d ago

not really, if you think about it, developers are just getting used to working with the WiiU architecture, to the point that we are just seeing minor diferences with the other versions. If they had to consider the possibilities/consequences of using 2 gamepads at the same time, it would just make it harder for the developers.

Just give them some time and im sure we will see some amazing gameplay ideas using 2 gamepads

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2319d ago
Instigator2319d ago

Going by the Japanese price for the Pad this option is going to be a tad too expensive for me. I guess I'll instead be relying on any potential second player having a Wii U of their own and brings their Pad over for multiplayer sessions.

IWentBrokeForGaming2319d ago

Not to be a downer but this seems troublesum to me...

--Onilink--2319d ago

well for me its the contrary. Because if there had been some cool uses of 2 gamepads at launch, i would have to consider spending an additional $130-150 on top of the $350, plus 2-3 games... Thats too much, i prefer to use those $150 for other games or maybe an external hardrive or pro controller