Will Assassin's Creed III Live Up To The Hype?

HiddenMission writes: Many titles promise the ultimate sandbox experience while few even come close to delivering the full package. When Assassin's Creed initially came out the promise of having the ability to truly navigate/interact with the world as you see fit inspired many a gamer. But has the series ever really delivered on this promise?

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NYC_Gamer2311d ago

I really disliked the other AC games because of the lame combat.AC3 looks like it offers the player more control this time around with the combat.

ZombieKiller2311d ago

This AC actually had no hype for me but after watching all the gameplay an the "Invisible Predator" idea that the other "AC game" had (Arkham City) I actually built the hype myself so.....yes.
Yes, if your hype is off of actual footage of gameplay and imagining what you can do in the world based off of that, then I would say, this WILL live up to the hype.
It looks amazing.

MostJadedGamer2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

The problem has been the complete lack of challenge in combat.. The last 3 AC games have been such a cakewalk its almost impossible to die. That removes all the intensity, and excitement from the combat.

AC2 had the worst AI this generation, and totally ruined the game.

Relientk772311d ago

I am really excitied for this game, it looks amazing

Dlacy13g2311d ago

I am really hoping this game delivers a better experience. I am not sure why but this one has a different vibe about it. Maybe its because we are taking part in actual historical time lines where as the previous AC games while in historical time periods didn't feel like it was anchored to anything real.

MostJadedGamer2310d ago

Huh? In the other AC games we also went through a historical timeline. There is nothing different about AC3 in this regard.

Dlacy13g2310d ago

I guess in the previous games I felt like while they were in a historical setting I dont' really recall historical "events" taking place. This game the American Revolution is front and center and seems to even more prominent as a setting peice than just the time era which was more of what the previous games went for.

Maybe its just me...

iamnsuperman2311d ago

I am unsure about this game(I will get it though). The story has just got stupid and convoluted. Keep it simple, Stupid!

Also I can't help but think the location was chosen to sell more games in N.A because in AC:B it was hinted at France being the next location then the DLC is released and that seems like it never happened and coordinates to America are released. I hope the do not make the ACIII story even more ridiculous

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The story is too old to be commented.