First Look: Metal Gear Rex Collectible

The Metal Gear series has shown us a lot of enemies over the course of its 25-year run, and now, Kotobukiya has revealed its upcoming model kit depicting one of the most bad-ass: Metal Gear Rex, which was first introduced in 1998's Metal Gear Solid.

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crimsonfox2316d ago

Just in time for a Christmas gift for myself. I wish I had a desk job to display it though :/

KillerPwned2316d ago

$80 but holy shit this looks amazing....I might actually buy it lol.

Blacktric2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I thought this was the 400 dollar one again. If it is 80 bucks I am getting it for sure.


It's 99 bucks on Play-Asia.

KillerPwned2316d ago

I hope it will be sold on the Konami store as I do not wanna play around $120 with shipping.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2316d ago

:( I'd rather a life size replica, but hey this'll do :b

sikbeta2316d ago

This is kind of the only thing I'd buy for collection, I really don't care about collectables like dolls and all that stuff, But a MGRex is simply awesome!

SolidGear32316d ago

Please include with a collector's edition of Ground Zero ;)

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