IGN: Universe at War Xbox 360 Preview and Videos

The first third-party game to pit PC and Xbox 360 players against one another is an interesting choice. Roughly around the time when Universe at War: Earth Assault launches on Xbox 360 at the end of March a patch will go out for PC players that will enable the Xbox Live cross platform play to happen. The last game to have this feature, Shadowrun, was a first-person shooter, a genre where the PC/console debate has raged for years. Universe at War is an real-time strategy game, though, and the platform superiority in that genre has never been in question. The fast and precise gameplay has always been considered a better match to the keyboard and mouse setup. To even the playing field, SEGA and Petroglyph would have to do something special.

IGN recently got a first look at the new heads-up display and control scheme and came away largely impressed.

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Charlie26885006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

I am playing it on the PC I am LOVING it, its interesting that the PC one was already "gamepad" friendly and with mouse and keyboard it even felt like an extra help you usually don't find on PC RTS

But don't think at ALL this is one of those new "RTS" made with console friendliness in mind this is an old school formula RTS so expect FAST paced brutality so don't think that its like World in Conflict, Supreme Commander or C&C3 were you saw the enemy from a good distance and you were able to plan in this one you can have a MASSIVE Hierarchy walker coming out of the fog of war any second

Also the factions are SO different its FANTASTIC, you have NEVER played a faction like the Hierarchy MARK MY WORDS XD

135% Charlie recommended :)

p.s. I guarantee you this one will have your thumbs soar in no time XD

if you are planning on buying it be sure to add my gamertag so we can get some (cross plat) multiplayer achievements :)