Wii U: Are We Falling For It Again?

Peter: "The announcement of the Wii U came and went with great fury, and within two days, Gamestop was sold out of its pre-orders. Admittedly, that is quite a feat, but the real question resounds in my head: what exactly is everyone buying it for?"

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DivineAssault 2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Great read.. It didnt cover the needed TiVo & DVR box to use Tvii on wii u, lack of required accomplishments, missing cross game chat, no VC or wii games playable on the tablet, & AAA software incoming that wont be on it.. I agree with whats said in here tho.. After some updates with wii u features & more game announcements, itl be worth gettin.. The wii had the exact same support this has so im not falling for their trickery.. I will buy it later tho cuz i love 1st party from them.. I know thats all wii u will be good for just like wii

ninjabake2224d ago

You don't know that's all it'll be good for that's just your biased forecast for the system. It all depends on what games you like to play but I highly disagree with your statement saying the Wii got this same amount of support, at launch no less. The Wii didn't see too many marquee titles from the previous Gen like Mass Effect, AC3, Batman, Darksiders (it did have RE4 and Okami from the GC and PS2 but not too many other big names after that, if you even wanna call Okami a "big name") so I think your judgment is a little shortsighted but to each his own.

DivineAssault 2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

FALSE! maybe the games are newer cuz its more capable this time but Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, & all the others have always made games for Kidtendo.. Wheres Capcoms RE6? Remember Me? huh? Wheres EAs Dragon Age 3 wii u announcement? BF3 ultimate?? Wheres Ubisofts watchdogs Wii U announcement?? lmao plz.. Theyre tossing some crap on there to fool ppl.. Wheres team ninjas DOA5? New support my a$$.. Sames damn devs that made games on wii.. Wii U has less features than PS Vita lol.. Wheres the accomplishments? Cross game chat? Can u even chat when playing online or is it absent like 3DS? dude u may believe that this launch is good but its all shovel ware & ports of older games already out.. COD & AC are the ONLY simultaneous releases.. All the other 30+ games coming out arent coming to wii u so plz tell me where the support is.. Just dance & Ben 10 arent exactly my cup of tea.. So i disagree with u as well.. When u find evidence of anything, IM me the link.. heres the wii us NEW support lol

Dont get me wrong, i like nintendo games but i see what theyre doing again & i wont fall for it.. If i see its not flooded with casual titles like wii, ill get it but theyve lost my respect.. Nothing personal buddy

ninjabake2224d ago

My bad I mistakenly thought you were a regular gamer who simply enjoys games and discussing them, I see your only a troll who wants to bash Nintendo for whatever reason so I'm not going to even try to reason with you. I believe all 3 consoles will be successful next Gen, and I want all to succeed to see more growth in one of my favorite hobbies, but I'm a pure gaming enthusiast I play great games I enjoy no matter the system I have no bias so its different with me I don't look at systems with the amount of negativity you do. Have a good night dude.