Lost Odyssey gets 2.5/5 from GameSpy

Finding depth and coherence in Mistwalker's anticipated 360 RPG proves to be something of an odyssey in itself.

The latest project from Final Fantasy creator Sakaguchi's Mistwalker studio, Lost Odyssey aims to ape the style of classic RPGs. While it's certainly playable, it feels like more of a relic than perhaps its creators intended. Basic features and dungeon design are handled with the graceful hand of a master designer, but that doesn't compensate for numerous gameplay, storytelling and technical issues. Fans of old-fashioned Japanese-style RPGs will doubtlessly find aspects to enjoy, but this is not the title that will vault Mistwalker to the triple-A status the studio's hype might suggest.

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zambrota4321d ago

I am 100% sure LO is meeting LAIR's fate.

Theres just no way it could get as low a SCORE as that.

I am a SONY fan too but This LO review is simply unjust

I reviewed LO at my BABELGAME store and i gave it 8/10

The cumulative review of all LO reviewers at our Branch is 7.78

4321d ago
ruibing4321d ago

The best JRPG on the 360 is stll Eternal Sonata I guess, which thankfully is coming to the PS3 as well.

4321d ago
sheng long4321d ago

sexius maximus:
Folklore was not trash. It's certainly not the greatest RPG of all time, but to say it's trash is ignorance.

Skerj4321d ago

Hah first off Folklore wasn't a full fledged RPG, it's an Action Adventure game. From what I know of LO and what I know by owning Folklore, for an Action Adventure game the storyline is still better. I'm not a review score whore but we'll see in a few weeks how it pans out between the two.

sonarus4321d ago

white knight story will absolutely own this game. I was looking forward to this title as my 360 rpg but i aint touchin it now. wonder when white knight is coming out. havnt heard much from it in a while

games4fun4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

you beat me to it, white knight story is coming out in 2008 its made by factor 5 the people who made dark cloud also folklore is a good game its just not mindblowing also there are a lot of loading between one doorway to another imo but its still good with all the folklores/gameplay and dlc i am waiting for white knight to tide me over till ffXIII and we are getting Eternal sonata anyway so 360 has blue dragon and lost oddyssey i'd trade both to play white knight

on a sidenote: i would take reviews with a grain of salt because if you like jrpg's chances are you will like this game i think they were being a little harsh i myself would give the game 7 or 8 just because they were not mindblowing in an rpg doesn't merit such a low score i think if this were an above average fps instead of jrpg it would have easily scored higher

meepmoopmeep4321d ago

she's called Karma... and Karma is a cruel b*tch

Sexius Maximus4321d ago

It all depends on where you look chief...
4/10 for Folklore
8.2/10 for Lost Odyssey

My point was not to bash Folklore, it was to simply state that the PS3 has very little viable RPG's. I didn't mean to upset anyone, but you can't defend that genre no matter how bad you want to, there's just nothing there to defend. PS3 will GREAT RPG's one day, but that day has not come.

crank4321d ago

The point DUMB****, is that folklore is a great game that you have never played so shut the **** up.


AuburnTiger4321d ago

8.2/10 for Lost Odyssey"

I find it funny how IGN scores higher for Folklore (9.0) than Lost Odyssey (8.2)

Skerj4321d ago

Auburn's right, if you were going to do a review comparison you could have at least used reviews from the same site since they were done.

Sexius Maximus4320d ago

You missed my point entirely. All I was saying is that because LO got a 2.5/5 on ONE site, and Folklore got a 4/10 on ONE site, doesn't mean its the end all be all score. LO just got a 8.8/10 from Gametrailers. My point was that ratings are typically way off, because it comes down to personal preference. It sounds like you enjoyed Folklore, I'm glad to hear you liked it enough to defend it...In the same boat, I quite enjoyed Enchanted Arms, and that game was crazy mediocre too, but regardless of the bland ratings, I enjoyed it. Props to you for sticking up for Folklore, I'll even give you a bubble.

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pharmd4320d ago

judgin by the commercials i must admit it looked better than that, truly, but then again so did lair!!

HarryEtTubMan4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahh ahahahahhahahahahah

That almost a bigger Flop than the 360 itself. LMAO.... PS3 is getting the big hits this year. And next. And the next.

Asuka4321d ago

and i would like to thankyou my friend, for if there weren't any people like you in this world, i would find no means to measure myself as a person in contrast too.

ruibing4321d ago

I would normally feel the same way as you guys if it were some other game since its about time those PS3-bashing gamers get a taste of their own medicine, but I just can't stay made at a high production JRPG even if its on a 360.

i Shank u4321d ago

the buttbox freefixme is teh flopz LUL'z ! : O !

ive noticed the majority of people on this site that like to flame consoles, like wario and harriet tubman, have no psn ID's or gamertags on their profile. they may not even play the games/systems they talk about

ngg123454321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

That is an incredibly low score..

And I'll get like 5 ignores for saying that. IGN gives games 8's as if it is candy.

Hasn't even seen the sites of gamespot, edge, 1up, eurogamer, who are going to destroy this game.

Lumbo4321d ago

if you take into consideration that IGN rates on a 7-10 scale ... ;) (or so some people claim ...)

Iron Man 24321d ago

LOL Lost Odyssey is another to add to the growing list of garbage RPG's,Blue Dragon,Two Worlds,and now Lost Odyssey...LMFAO!XD

CrazzyMan4321d ago


Looks like not all reviewers give good scores to RUSHED games(like Lair, Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey -> all have framerate problems because games were rushed).
Guess, what EDGE score will be... =)) They could easy go lower then 5/10. =]

mintaro4320d ago

who gave a good score to lair?