XF Reviews Turok for the Xbox 360

From the review:
"The original was one of my favorites back in the day, but this re-imagining of the original almost seems to ruin all my fond memories of the Acclaim classic. With all the great shooters on the Xbox 360, Touchstone and Propaganda dropped the ball here with severe inconsistencies in difficulty, graphics, and overall fun. The game is worth a rent, but let Blockbuster and GameFly pay full price. This game isn't worth your $59.99."

- Propaganda killed Turok even after Acclaim's death
- Inconsistsent gameplay difficulty
= When the graphics do load, they look nice
+ By law, you don't have to buy this game

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vgn244323d ago

The game is getting slaughtered on the 360. Guess we know which version to buy.