5 Games With The Best Graphics This Generation

PushStartSelect: "With this generation coming to an end, and a new one beginning shortly, we thought we would highlight some of the best moments this generation. Read more on our main article about our full week covering it all! Today we want to cover graphics and what we think are 5 games that really popped in terms of visual experiences. Like all top ten/five lists, we try not to pick the completely obvious so after reading feel free to chime in below about what YOU think should be on the list. I mean it’s only 5 games, of course we will leave out some."

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Thatguy-3104024d ago

When they say "This Generation" they mean console. Yea we all know that pc has the best graphics because your able to mod and all that. It's funny how even though there are more beautiful games on pc, console games always get praise and why because its more mainstream now.

RXL4024d ago

how do you spot a pc gamer in a crowd?

start talking about graphics...

they'll let you know..

Autodidactdystopia4024d ago

Great scott.

Just kidding. you know what im gonna say.

personally it doesnt count but i really like gta IV + Icenhancer + new cars. it looks tits. but its just a mod and since its PC it doesn't count because of it being too far ahead or in other words "another league" but most games on pc came out on consoles too they just look better than most con-exclusives and it wouldnt make much sense because then it would upset the system and there would be rioting in the streets.

Plus us Pc owners are snobs and all we care about is graphics because we point out flaws in the opposition.

I believe i speak for all of our kind when i say

Please forgive us PC gamers as we don't "try" to have better graphics than on consoles. It just happens effortlessly.

which is why we point it out when you guys argue about who's system is the strongest between the mainstream audience.

We hereby accept being disqualified from this "best of this gen" comparison because we know that if we complain we are snobs. And we dont want to pick on the little guy.

Ps I Like the last of us. Looks great!

FlameBaitGod4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Weird RXL, I though PS3 gamers talked about how much better graphics are compared to 360. Must be my imagination.

BattleAxe4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Good list, but instead of Gears of War which has mediocre graphics, I would have listed God of War 3 or Heavenly Sword. Heck, I think CoD4 and CoD: WaW were better looking games than Gears of War.

NegativeCreepWA4023d ago

BattleAxe your so full of it, very few games look better then Gears.

CryofSilence4023d ago

Battleaxe, I agree with God of War 3, but not Heavenly Sword (a beautiful game by all means). Gears of War is a great looking game, but it seems far out-leagued by the others (and other competitors).

NewZealander4023d ago

i would have had rage on that list, and as good as gears is theres better looking unreal engine games, batman AC?
i was not impressed with killzone 3, some parts looked horrible, especially the jungle, gears 3 beats killzone hands down.

halo reach could have been a contender but they killed the look of the game with that damn motion blur.

overall good list, but would have been better if they replaced killzone with rage.

ABizzel14023d ago

No particular order, just top 20

1. Battlefield 3
2. Killzone 2/3
3. Uncharted 2/3
4. Gears of War 3
5. God of War 3
6. MGS4
7. Heavy Rain
8. Alan Wake
9. Gran Turismo 5
10. Forza 4
11. Flower
12. Crysis 2
13. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
14. Viva Pinata
15. Rage
16. Fight Night Round 4
17. Resident Evil 5
18. Mario Galaxy
19. Batman Arkham City
20. Final Fantasy 13

BongSmack4023d ago

PC has the best graphics because it has (potentially) better hardware. Another advantage over consoles is the ability to mod.

Irishguy954023d ago

Haha, PC wasn't part of this gen since 2006. That's when it stepped up it's game beyond the console generation

Edito4023d ago

Can you give a List of pc games that rival the best you can find on consoles???

PC is Good but where are the games??? The only pc exclusive that comes to mind is Diablo 3

morganfell4023d ago

"When they say "This Generation" they mean console."

Graphical prowess is about far more than sheer resolution.

Killzone 3 has one of the best lighting engines this generation bar none and that includes PC.

MGS4 is still tops in the model department. The the Kojima Team went to extraordinary lengths ignored by other developers. Even matters such as the finger tips of characters received remarkable attention. The production values on that game topped anything else I have seen.

Ratchet and Clank is THE Pixar game first sought after in the famous Bill Gates/Seamus Blackley discussion on stage at CES in 2000.

MuhammadJA4023d ago

@ dboyc310

You know what's funny, these console gamers think they have the best graphics ever when I'm sure that 80 percent of them haven't even played on a high end PC. Whatever. Let them enjoy their mediocre graphics and subpar resolution.

chriski3334023d ago

Yes yes yes blah blah blah we all know pc has the best graphics chill out pc boy we all know no need for u to rage

thoract4023d ago

Yes we all know the PC has the best graphics. But this article is not about PC games. I have a highend PC but the only game I played on it this year is Diablo 3. The graphics on console games are damn good considering the tech is 6+ years old. How much did you spend on the PC versus the cost of a console?

Despite having the best graphics I just can't play games like Uncharted, God of War, and many other fun games on the PC.

MaxXAttaxX4023d ago

It is constantly changing. Slowly.
Consoles dictate generations with multiplatform games.

Bobby Kotex4023d ago

This is a console circle jerk site, what do you expect?

chazjamie4023d ago

its like crysis doesnt even exist. wtf!!!!

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Hatsune-Miku4024d ago

All five games should be on pc and if its only about consoles then all five should be on ps3.

Pc - bf3, crysis 1, crysis 2, the witcher 2, project car

Consoles- killzone 2, killzone 3, uncharted 1, uncharted 2, uncharted 3, gow 3, heavy rain, gt 5, mgs 4, resistance 3, motorstorm 2, motorstorm 3, the last of us, gow asc. And a lot of other games. When it comes to graphics pc is king but on console, ps3 is king.

tachy0n4024d ago

PC and PS3 are the kings, it is basically the best combination u can ever get. ^.^

makemyteapunk4024d ago

Gears, Halo 4 have as good a graphics as any PS3 game. Forza 4 looks better than GT5. Your fanboy is showing.

Rage is better looking than KZ and it runs at 60fps.

PS3 graphics are nothing special compared to 360.

TheFirstClassic4024d ago

Rage is NOT better looking then Killzone, Halo 4 may be getting up to Killzone standards but as the years are passing it should be, it still isn't up to Last of Us standards. Gears is a great looking game but U3 is still better.

milohighclub4024d ago

Can't do pc because The article is about this gen And pc enthusiasts around the globe will let you know As often as they can, pc's are generations ahead... /s

Holeran4024d ago


you are delusional.

srcBFMVBMTH4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )


"Halo 4 may be getting up to Killzone standards"

Finally right?!?!?

Halo 4 barely looks better than Killzone 2. lol A game that came out three years ago!!!

Anyways, yea.

I would've kicked off Gears of War from the list and put God of War 3 in.

M_Prime4024d ago

I agree with makemyteapunk about FORZA 4 looking better then GT5.. and RAGE was a pretty game, but so boring.

I think the list is subjective too, about gameplay and graphics and not just graphics.

also I would like to say that i didn't find BF3 that good looking on consoles, i thought the COD games were better LOOKING.. but then again BF3 single player campaign was crap, but multiplayer was SO MUCH FUN.

and XBOX and PS3 multiplats will look similar because there is always one the dev will have a a standard and one that gets a slightly worse port. Thats why exclusives look so much better then a lot of multiplats, they can use all of the system power.

masa20094024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Motorstorm doesn't have good visuals.
Neither do the Resistance games.
Not even in the same league as top racers and shooters.
I like Motorstorm Apocalypse, I own it, but it's not good looking.
Its emphasis is elsewhere, like 4-player split screen.

Gears 3 also looks way better than Uncharted 1, come on.
Basically, Microsoft focuses on very few first party exclusives, and Halo's emphasis is on large sandboxy environments, which puts a cap on visual quality.
So that leaves just Gears as the flagbearer for the 360. And it's about on par with Uncharted 3 (pre-rendered close-ups included).
Since benchmark games tend to be first party, Sony's more liberal publishing policy inherently helps the PS3.
Although from a non-technical standpoint, its exclusives are not always groundbreaking.
KZ2 is a good exemple. It's super routine.

Jason1434024d ago

honestly I think metro 2033 is superb looking on pc.

kikizoo4023d ago

Wow, look at masa, makemy and others total denial fanboyz...they are alawys believing that X360 exclusives can compete with best ps3 exclusives....even if reviews, players, and awards don't agree..

buy a pair of glasses, please...and a ps3, be a gamer, not a blind fanboy.