NBA 2K13 Wii U Box Art Posted, Game Launches On November 18th

The final Wii U box art for NBA 2K13.

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DaThreats2274d ago

This version should be the superior version with the 1gb ram advantage.
I expect for there to be exclusive enhancements in this game besides the controller use.

SandWitch2274d ago

Sports games don't really require powerful hardware. Middle-end PCs and current-gen consoles are more than enough to fully utilize sports games' capabilities. So I guess it won't look any different from PS3/X360/PC versions.

NYC_Gamer2274d ago

It's just gonna be a port of the PS3/360 version.

mrbojingles2274d ago

I'm sure it is, but why are we calling it a port? I mean, it's only coming out about a month late. If the PS3 version was separated from the 360 version by 30 days would it be a port?

Coz usually when a 360/PS3 game comes out on the same day it is just referred to as a "multiplat" by everyone. I'm just curious as to the choice of words.

ninjabake2274d ago

It SHOULD be but it wont be it'll just be a simple port. To me its a win just simply getting all the same features current Gen systems have, seeing as tho EA sports loves to gimp their initial next Gen sports titles (looking @ you NBA Live 06, Madden 06, and Madden 13)

nevin12274d ago

lol, how can be madden 13 be considered intial when 06 was the 1st Madden for the new consoles?

NBT912274d ago

Exactly it's just another great launch title for Nintendo fans to check out; having games like this and Tekken tag 2 on launch let alone the exclusives that are going to be there as well, it is proof Nintendo have been listening to criticisms that core gamers were not able to take will seriously as a games console.

What they have done is made something that appeals to core gamers and casuals; without too much focus on one or the other. And that new controller means on the fly tactics changes.
The passing system is a little odd in 2K; you hold the trigger and push the button that corresponds to the player, it would be great to see player positions on the controller and tap the player to pass to instead.
I believe this has a chance to be the better version, it's up to 2K games to put in effort for that though.
Either way it's great even if it's identical to the other console versions.

ninjabake2274d ago

@nevin1 Madden 13 is an initial 8th-gen title for the Wii U. Just as Madden 06 was an initial 7th Gen title for Xbox 360

NBT912274d ago

Not really well suited to the vita; games are too long really for a handheld... It's a game that demands a lot of time and practise to master and to be honest it's meant to be played on a home console...
Still would live one with cross play for ps3 though yes!

2pacalypsenow2274d ago

a Basketball game? i play fifa just fine n my vita

iceman062274d ago

I have FIFA and MLB the Show on Vita and enjoy being able to play through seasons while "watching", or shall I say, listening to TV...which I can't really do on PS3. Also, it's great for a distraction at work. I understand your reasoning. However, I think that handhelds have moved well past the days of bite sized gaming bits...though Sony still doesn't to always agree.

cedaridge2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Another great game for Wii U fans! But when do the demo drop for us ps3/xb360 fans? psn: cedaridge /xbl: cedar4Thunder