RiotZone Launches Missions By Air And Sea

It’s a noticeably stormy morning at sea in Merania as dark waves crash against the sides of the landing boats. Soldiers look straight ahead onto the corrugated metal of the landing ramp as the signal is issued, and the soles of army boots can be heard pounding against the metal as they run to attack.

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OneAboveAll2224d ago

Game is terrible. Not trying to be rude but web based games suck. Played the first part where you are on foot and it took a while to kill the one guy that was standing in front of me. -_____-

Bladesfist2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Dragon Age 1 (PC) was a very tactical and fun experience. If you can remake that experience I will buy your game, if you turn it into a hack and slash I will play Torchlight 2 again.

What? I pressed page 2 of Dragon age article and ended up here.