Nintendo Wii U expandable memory explained, TiVO hardware not built in

The Nintendo Wii U may only have 8 to 32GB of internal memory, but the company's taking a decidedly open approach to expanding that memory: add your own.


Submission updated to point to the original source of the comment, which is the news here, not someone's opinion that it is a shot at Microsoft or any other company.

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SonyNGP2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Proprietary storage is dumb and tends to be overpriced.

Abash2225d ago

MS is launching Halo 4 in November instead of the usual September launch for the 360 Halos. Sounds like MS was planning to fire a shot at Nintendo and the Wii U launch long before what Reggie said

Tr10wn2225d ago

how the hell ms knew that the wiiu was launching on november? i get your point but they announce the date way before nintendo.

vallencer2225d ago

Yeah but I don't think Halo 4 is going to stop people from getting a Wii U. Especially all the people who have it pre ordered. Also Microsoft settled on that date before Nintendo announced theirs.

darthv722225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

using the term "memory" seems a bit of a misrepresentation. They should be stating storage not memory.

i guess it doesnt really matter to everyone else but me. i know what they mean so it's all good.

On topic, very wise decision to make it open. that way they cant be tied to a particular price point with regards to the "memory" as prices can vary from size to vendor.

Im just wondering if they will take a similar direction like sony. Meaning once the drive is allocated for wii-u use it cant be used for anything else. even another wii-u without prompting it to be allocated again.

They obviously would take that into consideration.

ConstipatedGorilla2225d ago

I'm getting both Halo 4 and a Wii U. Halo 4 sure as hell wasn't going to keep me from preordering a Wii U lol.

zalanis2225d ago

the only way MS could be firing shots at anyone is if people go out and buy a new xbox360 specifically to play halo4. otherwise gamers like me who already have an xbox are just going to buy the game by itself. something i was going to do weather it was in november or sept or xmas for all i care. just saying

cl19832224d ago

Halo CE November 15, 2001

Halo 2 November 9, 2004

Halo 3 September 25, 2007

ODST September 22, 2009

Reach September 14, 2010

Halo CE Anniversary November 15, 2011

Halo has been released in November several times. Also if I'm not mistaken Halo $ was announced before the WIIU.

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iamnsuperman2225d ago

I hate proprietary storage but you can see why companies do it.

Does anyone know if we can run games off the external hard drive.

greenpowerz2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I'd like an response to that too. Makes you wonder if there are some sort of technical designs, copyright issues(legal/performance/consi stency) or can you use 3rd party HDD's for games and profiles?

Why even sell proprietary HDD's if none of what I said above applies other than money making after the fact? Keeping the price down on consoles sell more consoles and should trump the money made from HDD's

Makes you wonder if proprietary HDD's are designed to improve performance in certain circumstances unrelated to being a fix for disc drive issues or simple storage issues.

darthv722225d ago

this isnt a solid answer but here goes. When the wii launched with the ability to add storage via SD cards (later SDHC) it became a question of security on the cards themselves. Such a common format that is interchangable between PC and console would make it a prime target for 'hackers' to be able to pull off any data from a wii saved SD card.

So the likely hood of nintendo doing the same thing for wii-u is the bigger question. They could invoke some type of allocation system where by if you plug in a SD card or external hdd then that space you specify becomes encrypted and unusable by any other means.

Only having that type of secure system would nintendo even consider the ability to run data from them directly. As we know, the current SD security on the wii isnt very good which is why they stream load content from SD cards back into main memory instead of direct play.

They have had roughly 6 years to perfect their security and i would think its a good assumption that we would be able to play direct.

Obviously this is a subject they may not go into great detail about because if they reveal how it all works then it gives 'others' ideas around such measures.

Hatsune-Miku2225d ago

It still can't play DVDs or blu rays and they should have implemented more memory in the console itself

PopRocks3592225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )


Guaranteed you already have three devices that play one of those formats and why embed more memory in the console when you can PICK and CHOOSE how much memory you want for the thing?

darthv722225d ago

chances are there is more than one device in the home that would be suitable for movie watching. Granted it seems like it would be a no-brainer to add such playback but it could be more of a licensing thing than anything else.

rather than pay for the license to play physical movies on disc they remove that and make it straight up gaming entertainment. It can still access various streaming services like netflix and i would imagine hulu and vudu like pretty much all type of smart devices do now.

So the loss of disc based movie playback is really not a huge loss. Maybe only to those looking to make it the sole centerpiece of their entertainment system but nothing more.

ChunkyLover532225d ago

At this point, who doesn't have a DVD player or Blu Ray player? They are actually using unlicensed Blu Ray, sort of how Microsoft used unlicensed DVD in the original Xbox. You had to buy the remote control and that let you use the DVD features. I could see them doing something similar with the Wii U and Blu Ray.

I have like 4 DVD players, 2 Blu Ray and 1 HD DVD player that is hooked to my Xbox 360. I'm set, I don't need added expense on the console.

Hatsune-Miku2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Fanatics love to make excuses and apologize for silly decisions their company of choice makes. They think because I may have a DVD player or a blu ray player already at home its not needed in the Wii u. If you use that mindset towards everything you'd have more than ten devices on your entertainment centre.

I don't need a cassette player, a VCR, DVD player, blu ray player, cable box, a pc, a mp3 player, and all sorts ob my entertainment centre. What about just having one device that can do everything on an entertainment centre so one can multitask without switching on and off all sorts of devices and running all sorts of wires. I see why you fanatics keep getting rubbish hardwares, gimmicks and games because you'll apologize and accept all sorts from nintendo without question. It seems like you sort would have been fine without power cables in the packaging of Wii u because you may have some at home.

Venox20082225d ago

maybe later codecs will appear and you'll can watch movies from usb? hmm..

darthv722225d ago

Funny thing is that we can speculate they are using bluray tech when they could be using something slightly different.

Granted hddvd failed but the premise was similar in that it too used blue laser technology which is the sole reason behind the name of "bluray" to begin with.

Both formats were more alike than they were different. it would not surprise me if nintendo (or MS) were to use the format for their games as it would present a difficulty to pirate as there arent really hddvd recorders out there anymore.

It wouldnt go against the grain for a standard because the format meets developers approval and the units arent designed to play movies on physical discs.

People often forget that these disc formats are simply storage medium that are tailored for each platform. The argument of a media standard was made when it was about DVD for movies and games.

We have surpassed that time and with so many variants in streaming media formats then it makes sense to use a disc format that you cant use anywhere else. Nintendo's own format that they would not have to pay license fees to. Similar to the GC only 10 times more capacity (figuratively speaking).

ChickeyCantor2225d ago

" What about just having one device that can do everything on an entertainment centre"

It's not like you are buying a Wii-U. You have your PS3 right?

Your complete complaint as a consumer is irrelevant. Because you have absolutely no intend of getting a Wii-U.

You're so desperate to bash something that won't affect your life in any way.

nukeitall2225d ago

Does anyone actually care about DVD or Blu-Ray anymore?

I completely moved to Netflix, Hulu and so on. I therefore don't care about physical media for movies anymore.

So I think Nintendo is on the right track. Why pay the licensing fee to these organizations (like DVD/Blu-Ray) that eventually gets passed on to consumers anyhow?

omarzy2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

You can buy a DVD player for 5 dollars at any Pharmacy or market these days. I think people are going to be fine. You should be more worried about drowning in an empty pool than you are about watching a movie on device number 500 that plays a DVD.

rainslacker2225d ago

Perhaps the Wii U isn't for you then if those are what your buying it for. If it doesn't offer what you want then don't buy it...pretty simple concept in the free market system.

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chasegarcia2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

ps vita nuff said.

AO1JMM2225d ago


Remember how much a HD upgrade costs for the FAT 360s? Way overpriced.

I would rather go out and buy a huge external HD.

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LX-General-Kaos2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I believe that Reggie is absolutely correct

Now you have virtually no limitations with a much cheaper price tag. Nintendo has taken necessary steps in keeping promise that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will launch at an affordable price. While giving the consumer the best bang for their buck.

Hopefully in the end, this will be the death of the proprietary home console HDD.

Rated E For Everyone

LOGICWINS2225d ago

Nah, for $350, 32GB is garbage.

Nintendo would have been better off charging $250 for ONE Wii U model with 2GB of hardrive space. Then people could go to Amazon and buy a 500GB hardrive for 70 bucks. That would have made more sense.

32GB is just as bad as 8GB if you ask me. Either way, your gunna wanna buy a bigger hardrive if your at least half serious about your console purchase.

LX-General-Kaos2225d ago

I will hunt down a 1TB. I feel that should be good enough until proven otherwise.

ChunkyLover532225d ago

I have a 320 gig HDD in my Gears Of War 3 Xbox 360, I've used less then 30 gigs to date. If you don't have to install, why would you need hundreds and hundreds of gigs? I usually install an online game that I play all the time, or a game I'm going to play through, once I'm done I uninstall it.

I think people are finding reasons to complain, you'll never please everyone, but the fact that you will be able to buy upgraded storage is pretty cool.

I consider myself serious about gaming and I still have my launch 80 gig PS3, launch Wii with no extra storage and I had a 20 gig launch Xbox 360 that suited me just fine until the Gears 3 one came out.

Why so serious bro?

solidt122225d ago

2GB might not be large enough for some game installs and could hurt game Devs. Thats just my educated guess why they went with at least 8GB

DivineAssault 2225d ago

$250 for either black or white 8GB with all the content of the deluxe edition is what it shouldve been.. @ least for a limited time launch run.. Then just remove the lil things like console stand & tab dock form the units.. They wont need game installs due to how fast the disc reader is but having such low storage makes me question just how serious they are about digital content & support.. Whatever, im sure ill get a similar bundle for that price whenever i decide to get one.. Maybe with a packaged SD card or something

ManthonyChopkins2225d ago

If I recall correctly, the Wii U has an SSD. Which aren't exactly cheap. The ability to add your own is a great idea, and it does keep the cost down. I'd rather not pay exorbitant amounts for a large SSD, when I can just get an external drive IF I ever happen to need more space.

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yesmynameissumo2225d ago

He's absolutely right. I'm glad Sony and Nintendo don't nickle and dime you.

Grown Folks Talk2225d ago

You forgot the anymore at the end.

GribbleGrunger2225d ago

That doesn't look like a back handed swipe to me. It just looks like a sensible strategy

greenpowerz2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

That's classic coming from a company that is just now getting serious about this matter themselves and have finally joined the HD era themselves. Nintendo needs to work on Online and figure out how they are going to compete against much more powerful consoles/competition. They need to worry about Kinect 2


Thanks for updating the article.

BTW... To the replies... What is funny about Kinect 2? Kinect is the very reason Wii U exists and why the Nintendo Strategy is now so closely modeled off of MSFT's now, down to the look of the pro controller.

It's kind of foolish that Nintendo thinks a controller with a screen in it can compete against next gen full body motion tracking.

live2play2225d ago

"That's classic coming from a company that is just now getting serious about this matter themselves and have finally joined the HD era themselves"
--atleast they started on the right track, late but right

"Nintendo needs to work on Online and figure out how they are going to compete against much more powerful consoles/competition."

"They need to worry about Kinect 2 '

tehpees32225d ago

More like Microsoft's fanbase needs to worry about Kinect 2. If these are the same people who gave Wii the finger and bash Nintendo for gimmicks they won't take MS shoving it down their throats.

OT = I do remember complaints about hard drives with the slim. It made all your progress useless unless it was online data on servers so you had to start your games again. Microsoft's consoles do need to be more flexible in this sense.

Campy da Camper2225d ago

Are you serious? I will take a tablet/controller over flailing around like an idiot any day. The wiiU controller looks sweet. The potential is huge. Using it for a remote for my TV with maybe my pip playing on the controller? Or kinect which makes me shake my man boobs to turn to espn

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