2008 CPU Forecast: Quad-Cores for Everyone

IT Business writes:

"Penryn. Nehalem. Phenom. Fusion. Inside these four cryptic code names lies the future of computer desktop processing for 2008. Ultimately, however, it's all about the epic, age-old battle between chip giant Intel Corp. and underdog Advanced Micro Devices Inc. for desktop dominance."

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ruibing4328d ago

Does that mean I have to upgrade my desktop already? I still have an Athlon 64 running in there.

jaja14344328d ago

Not really, while having more cores is indeed better, until software comes out that actually uses all of these cores efficiently then I see little reason to invest.


if you run multiple apps its awesome.

like say youre converting 3 movies to put onto your psp.........or doing other stuff simultaneously. i would lock one video to one core, lock another converting video to another core, so on and so forth.

Apps arent tuned to use all four or 8 cores. If you mess around with the affinity in regards to the cpu and tasks, you can get a lot more accomplished in less time.


No way man... I just got a good dual core, I have no intent to change it anytime soon... And that is why gaming on PC sucks.

MrFurious4328d ago

That's cool, and hopefully this does not hide another anti-privacy issue. I mean spreading such technologies with links to NSA and US Gov should be looked carefully and taken seriously.

SaiyanFury4328d ago

I just bought my Core 2 Duo E6850 a few months ago after having used a P4 3.2GHz chip and the difference is great. Not to mention I have a dual boot with Windows XP x64 and x86. I can run multithreaded applications in 64 at least and it works well, as well as I can run games pretty damned well. I ain't changing my 300 dollar CPU less than a year after I bought it. Quad cores are only useful if you're into hardcore multimedia processing or running games at really high settings.