Newsbit: Debunking XBLA rumors

XBLAFANS writes: There are a few rumors we often hear in regards to XBLA. Rather than throw down a huge feature, let’s debunk a few quickly:

400 MSP is the minimum a publisher can charge for a game — Both Sonic & Knuckles and The UnderGarden cost 240 MSP.

Most games are 1200 MSP — Nope, only around 85 of the 500+ games cost 1200 points. Incidentally, only six are 1600 MSP.

2GB is the largest a game can be — This used to be true, but Red Johnson’s Chronicles and Double Dragon Neon clock in at 2.68 GB and 2.24 GB, respectively. There’s no word as to why the limit has been raised, but clearly it’s possible to have bigger games now.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath has been denied on XBLA due to size — Maybe at one time this was true, but the last we knew it was a matter of finding a publisher. It’s very possible that the size limit has been upped for a while now, meaning that if the game finds a publisher we’ll be seeing it on XBLA.

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TWO exceptions don't break a rule. TWO is a minor exception. They undoubtedly needed to negotiate with MS to get their title up. For all we know, they have to pay more per copy sold than most. I think Quantum physics has a higher rate of "anything" happening than that, lol.

But as it stands, MS's general rule IS STILL games must be 2GB or under.

And how ironic that a person should start off the comments section with "HUURRR DEM PSTREE FANBOIS" and call ME a troll.

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[accidental double post] Never change pages, hit back and assume you're back at the edit box, boys and girls.