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ziggurcat2225d ago

and so begins the back-and-forth...

wishingW3L2225d ago

the never-ending story. Sony will not be able to stop piracy with updates, hackers always crack it in a matter of hours.

topekomsi2225d ago

You sir are correct, sony is just asking for it, daring the hackers to do it. And of coarse what do hackers do. THEY HACK!

Lulz_Boat2225d ago

tell that to latest FW PS3 owner.

MaxXAttaxX2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

So you're saying it's best if Sony doesn't do anything at all?
Because God forbid Sony keeps its system's performance and security up to date for their paying consumers. /s

Welshy2225d ago

Oh my god, it's so awful that Sony are actively keeping on top of the security and performance of their platforms /s

People seriously need to grow up, a 5 minute update is NOT a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe if hackers weren't such A-holes in the first place constantly trying to steal things for free that cost devs millions and costing fans the support of devs on the platform.

The whole "i'm going to spend £200 on a Vita to pirate games and play PSP Isos" is completely retarded.

Hackers already killed PSP support dead when they hacked that device, go play your PSP isos on that since it's already dead.

I'm striving for a career within development so BS like this really winds me the f*ck up.

If Sony DON'T do this, they may aswell tell Vita owners to give up and devs to not bother making games for them, because who wants to pump time and money into a game if A-holes are just going to steal it and put people out of jobs?

F*CK hackers.

/rant over

ddurand12224d ago

I dont pirate anything.

Speaking from a recent dilemna from a cell phone i purchased (verizon galaxy s3) point of view, I should be able to do what I want with my phone, that I bought and own.

I understand that each are a service and require certain things, and I know pirating is wrong, but owning a device is owning a device.

kupomogli2224d ago


You bought the device knowing what it can and can't do. If the device doesn't do what you want it to, then you shouldn't have bought the device.

ddurand12224d ago

but if you can create extra features or workarounds, then it should be on a so be it basis.

Im allowed to buy products based on their potential, as well as their features.

taquito2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )


its not pirating to want to play psp and ps1 games you already own on another device, sony are flat out ASKING to be hacked by not making any device backwards compatable, the community will find a way.

as soon as the ps4 is out there will be emulators for the ps3 as well, in fact there already are but sony is on a warpath shutting them down for obvious reasons.

SCREW paying sony over and over again for the same games, they deserve every bit of hacking on their devices they get, (except the network hack, which is just crap......but as far as jailbreaking devices YOU OWN, suck it giant multinational corporation, you released your over-priced gadget into the wild, now its our turn to have fun with it and see what it can really do.

Ju2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

You can do what ever you want with the device you buy. But if you break it knowingly, you are taking a risk and are accountable for it.

Same for pretty much everything. Go, patch it, hack it, or whatever, flash it, write your own OS.

But don't whiny if you can't get any support from Sony, or it wouldn't run games no more, or your cell phone doesn't work as intended.

Nobody is keeping you from doing what you want with the device. It's not a crime.

Waddy1012224d ago

@taquito They're called PSone and PSP games for a reason, because they were made for those consoles not any other one.

As far as the "jailbreaking" goes as you refer to it, when you purchase the device you agree to the terms and conditions of using it. Don't want to agree to them, don't buy it. Simple solution.

Timurse2224d ago

It took me 89 minutes to download and update firmware on 20 Mbit/sec internet just a few hours ago. 5 minute update, heh?

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Sanquine902225d ago

Back-and-forth= Hack-and-forth

andibandit2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Sell ur Vita's now!!, developers are already jumping ship ( from my secret source)

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-Mika-2225d ago

Im not updating. I really want to play the PSP isos.

HarryMasonHerpderp2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

you can play PSP isos?
never knew that.

tachy0n2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

me too, sony needs to bring more PSP games to the PSVita PSN.

dont worry -Mika- this is nothing, im sure wololo will find a way around this.

i got my PSvita hacked, and in not going back, disagree all you want, is my device i do whatever i want with it u sheeps.

Menchi2225d ago

Sheeps? Or perhaps we're not so caught up in playing 8 year old games, and would rather see newly developed titles on the Vita, which if this crap continues won't happen. It's a shame that people like you can't realise this simple fact.

HammadTheBeast2224d ago

Hope you enjoy never getting to play online. Hackers can't get past online passes. Biatch.

rainslacker2224d ago

We're sheeps because we don't steal our games? If you want to be a thief all fine and good, I won't judge, but don't insult us to make yourself look better. You want to bring up arguments as to what your doing is moral and just then go right ahead, every time the pirates do so they only make themselves look like fools, and more sheepish than real consumers because they haven't had an original thought in over 10 years on the issue.

You and Mika readily admitted your stealing content...we disagree because we would prefer the Vita to not go down the path the PSP went with a huge drop in developer support due to piracy.

Ult iMate2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Those, who you're calling sheeps are BYUING games for them to continue to come out on PSP or Vita. If it's not for them, who are paying for their games, there would be no ISOs for you, because there would be no games. Don't be so retarded. If you want to pirate something, at least shut up and do it quietly.

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topekomsi2225d ago ShowReplies(1)
SynGamer2225d ago

If I wanted to play PSP games, I'd have kept my PSP-2000. So far I've only bought 2 PSP games. Surely people understand that if the Vita gets hacked, the developers will jump ship completely?

GribbleGrunger2225d ago

Don't say things like that. Some people can't cope with lateral thinking, it makes them ill

topekomsi2225d ago

Uhh ohh gave my opinion on n4g, disagree me to death, boo hoo. Disagrees show your sensitivity.

Ultr2225d ago

what did you expect?

Capt-FuzzyPants2225d ago

You gave your opinion. If my opinion is different then your's I will disagree with you. That's the whole point of the agree/disagree system. You stated what you honestly thought, and I and apparently many others, don't feel the same way as you. If you stated a fact and were right about it and still got disagrees I could understand your bitching, but you obviously don't understand how things work.

Sanquine902225d ago

What do you expect smarta**?
Trade in your vita;) I will be playing LBP vita:) Also pre ordered the wii u ;) Best of both worlds dude.

Studio-YaMi2224d ago

I wish a LOT more people like you exists !

Fanboyism & hackers(who steal software) are killing the gaming industry -_- ..!

BlaqMagiq242225d ago

The only person being sensitive on here because of an update is you. I mean trade in a ps3 and a vita because of an update, really? That's not an opinion. Ridiculous is more like it.

cpayne932225d ago

Your comment was immature, there is a right way to voice your wacked out opinion and a wrong way. You chose the wrong way, that's all there is to it.

rezzah2225d ago

If you can`t handle N4G then I`m afraid of what will happen to your pitiful mind when you go out in the real world.

2224d ago
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