Can You Tell The Difference Between Wii Mario and Wii U Mario

Screenshot comparison between Wii Mario, and Wii U Mario.

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live2play2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

its funny how they chose not to include the different areas

and tried to pick the little areas that had the most similar looking sections
like the sky area with the clouds...
seriously? how different can clouds look?
white and poofy

NukaCola2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I can too, but I get the point of the article, although kind of lame. It does seem that New Super Mario Bros Wii U is NSMBWii2 upscaled in HD like Pikmin 3 was. I am really excited to see what 3D world Wii U Mario game looks like. To think Galaxy is one of the most beautiful Mario games ever. Now in HD! Woah baby!

And as Larzen said, it's not really good pics for comparison

aceitman2278d ago

has anyone heard of it upscaling wii games.

EPIKgamer2278d ago

Its actually quite easy thanks to more advanced shaders, HD, and that sexy 60FPS

stragomccloud2277d ago

I was not aware that "60fps" was a hardware component.
Sorry. Just being facetious.

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360ICE2278d ago

You do notice the HD makeover. But yeah, I hope the next gen will offer a little more in terms of graphics than Wii U. I'm not a graphics nut either, I just like progress.

_LarZen_2278d ago

Pointless comparison if the pictures is not in their native resolutions.

Samus HD2278d ago

lol.. ^it's a good one. But seriously, they could have changed the art style or something, not only upgrade the pixels

cleft52278d ago

If anything this shows exactly why Nintendo picked this art style. The point was that this art style will look good on a HDtv even if it is just a Wii game. We know the specs of the WiiU, people can stop trying to pretend like it's not more powerful than 360/ps3 now. So much stupidity and pettiness from all these fanboys.

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The story is too old to be commented.