Borderlands 2 Contains Minecraft Level Easter Egg

One brave Pandora explorer has discovered a secret shout out to Mojang’s Minecraft with a hidden level easter egg in Borderlands 2.

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Welshy2225d ago

Cool indeed!

I downloaded the Minecraft mod for Skyrim too.

Looks so far out of place that it DOESN'T look out of place, if that makes sense?

I wonder if the trademark SSSSSSSSSSSS..... BOOM! happens if they get close xD

lorianguy2225d ago

I'm not usually one to play Minecraft, but that is a very cool addition! I'm a fan of the Minecraft Graphical style.

GhostHero3332225d ago

Awesome borderlands 2 and minecraft will the only games i play till halo and black ops 2. Hope there are more easter eggs like this throughout the game. Imo the dlc for borderlands 1 was kind of bland, hope they spice it up a bit.