Retailers discuss 'phenomenal' Wii U pre-orders, Premium SKU most popular

Pre-orders of Nintendo's Wii U console have gotten off to a "phenomenal" start in the UK, retailers have claimed, with one retailer revealing that it took 500 pre-orders for the console within the first hour after the Wii U's release date was announced last week.

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chrisarsenalsavart2275d ago

Have you ever seen a nintendo not selling at launch?

Godmars2902275d ago

So the question is what's going to be going on with it six months down the line.

TongkatAli2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Nintendo is going to keep making bank and have a head start to boot. Xbox3/PS4 aren't going to stop Wii U production.

ronin4life2275d ago

I think it will do well.
How well... now that's the real question. And will however well it does be perceived as good enough.

The next few months will be interesting, and hopefully in a god way.^_^;;

Ben_Grimm2275d ago

I guess the world is ready for new consoles. Here's hoping the WiiU does well because I want Sony and MS to come out stronger!

DivineAssault 2275d ago

its impressive but w/o knowing the average amount of systems per store, one can only guesstimate.. Its smart for them to release before black friday in limited quantities to get ppl worked up & pumped about it..

ChunkyLover532275d ago

Would be smarter to have enough supply to back up the demand. The Dreamcast originally couldn't meet demand, they could have sold between 300-500k more consoles at launch if they had enough product.

I do think Nintendo will have a somewhat limited number, but it should still be in the millions for this year alone.

FlairSomewhere2274d ago

I'm sure 3rd party developers would prefer more consoles out there rather than less...

It just seems to be a risky gamble.

SCW19822275d ago

They abandoned me this gen. I will wait and see if they are really being sincere with there efforts or if this is just a cash grab.

FinalomegaS2275d ago

Just called a few Ebs in my city and they said they started on Saturday and they might be full by this friday...

I need to put that 50$ depo but i get paid this Thursday ...


they are willing to take games (with case) and system as depo trade in.