Can My Family Afford A Wii U?

Now that the Wii U release date has been announced, StickTwiddlers wager there are already kids eyeing it up for a potential Christmas present. The question is, can Santa actually afford it?

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Apex132222d ago

I bet they can afford an expensive apple product. idiot

ninjabake2222d ago

Agreed. Not sure why an adult with their own money would ask this question. All of s sudden affordability is an issue with Nintendo but not with other more expensive electronic entertainment devices. Smh, I think they're just trying to nitpick negatives with the console at this point. We all know the Wii U will have its advantages and disadvantages but I don't think price is a negative here considering the deluxe bundle value. Maybe the basic should be 249.99 but he price is perfect(IMO) for the deluxe model.

StickTwiddlers2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

The price of the deluxe/premium bundle packs alone are very good and almost perfect, but it's very misleading - hence the point of the article.

Regardless of how much you pay for any of the bundles, you're still going to need to buy extras (especially if you don't own a Wii).

It's got nothing to do with nitpicking at the Wii U. It's a fantastic console and it's got some amazing features with real potential. It's just interesting to see the price points of extras for what Nintendo are marketing as a family entertainment system.

Keep in mind as well that Nintendo aren't even releasing additional GamePad's in North America at launch so if you or your kids break it, you're screwed.

In regards to the "who cares" question, parents do and they're who Nintendo are planning on to buy the console.

ninjabake2221d ago


By that logic then it would be an issue with the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Same goes for any videogame console. It comes with the territory of gaming, you don't HAVE to buy extra accessories (hence the word accessories) you can get them if you want them. When it comes to games, yes you have to buy extra games but that isn't an expense unique to the Wii U so my point still stands. It is still nitpicking because the "issues" presented are overall gaming issues and not anything that is solely a Wii U issue.

Npugz72221d ago

No they can't! But they can afford a 600$ iphone

dboyman2221d ago

Lot of those phones are subsidized with contracts and people pay a discounted rate. Most don't pay full price when they sign a contract. Only a rare few actually pay full price ( mostly replacement phone if one was broken or cannot get get contracted one)....