Five Strategies That Could Help the PS Vita Succeed

From the PlanetPlayStation.com featured article:

"Sony recently announced that it had just reached 2.2 million worldwide PlayStation Vita sales. The company stated that the PSP successor was right on track as expected, but Kaz Hirai also said that the device wasn’t very popular in some regions. In the past, I’ve been pigeonholed as a Vita detractor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I want the Vita to succeed, and I would very much like to be a Vita owner someday. Unfortunately, several factors have kept me and many others from making that expensive commitment. Here are five strategies that Sony should employ to get some more Vitas off the shelf."

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LaurenKB1234323d ago

I am really rooting for the Vita, love mine but sales need to go up!

TongkatAli4323d ago

More marketing and cute characters. Market to families Sony, it will payoff big time.

tachy0n4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

the marketing team assigned for the PSVita sucks big time, in youtube at the psvita channel, they post advertisements of games with footage, but not from the PSVita WTF?

look at this video and notice the huge letters "not game footage" DAFUQ?

chrisarsenalsavart4323d ago

As of today Sony eu as launched a new marketing campaign on tv with the likes of fifa13, lbpvita and uncharted with a new price tag of 189.00 game included. And they are playing these commercials non stop and on every channels( i saw 15 of them today)

Finally, sony start to show to the world what vita is all about.

chrisarsenalsavart4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

As of today Sony eu is launching a new tv marketing campaign with the likes of fifa13, lbpvita and uncharted and a new price tag of £189.00 game included. And they are playing these commercials non stop and on every channels( i saw 15 of them today)

Finally, sony start to show to the world what vita is all about.

SaffronCurse4323d ago

Yeah, now they need to do the same thing in NA.

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Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Aniplex, and Pocketpair jointly establish Palworld Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment Japan, subsidiary Aniplex, and Palworld developer Pocketpair have announced the establishment of Palworld Entertainment, a joint venture that will be responsible for developing the reach of the intellectual property and for expanding commercial business endeavors, including the global licensing and merchandising activities associated with Palworld, outside of the game.

9d ago Replies(1)
Eonjay9d ago

Does this mean that Palworld is getting an anime?

Abnor_Mal9d ago

Crazy that they’ve formed a partnership of sorts, but the game itself still haven’t been released on PlayStation

badz1499d ago

It's still in Early Access. If it ever goes gold, there will definitely be a PS5 version, might even be a PS4 version too

Abnor_Mal9d ago

I still have no clue what this game is all about, to be honest.

badz1499d ago


If games like ARK is not to your liking, then Palworld wouldn't be your cup of tea either...I think.

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10 Best PSP RPGs Of All Time

The PS1 and PS2 both had strong RPG libraries, so it’s not a huge surprise that the PSP saw numerous excellent RPG releases, covering original releases, ports, and spinoffs/sequels to major franchises.

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jznrpg20d ago

Great list but needs to be 12 you don’t have Star Ocean First Departure and Second Story!


New Sony Controller May Let You Draw Your Own Buttons Using Conductive Ink

Sony has published a new patent about a controller that can be completely personalized by a user, including its shape and layout.

TFJWM23d ago

It is just a patent if it is new tech you file it

S2Killinit23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Dont get me wrong, I love that Sony does these research into new tech and all, after all it led to something as fun as the Dualsense, but im just asking why this particular tech would be useful in any way.

Profchaos23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Interesting idea likely something that will never actually be produced but Sony's simply securing the paten