Dragon Age III: Inquisition announced, will run on Frostbite 2

BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah announced the game officially on the BioWare blog today.

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ChunkyLover534326d ago

Wonder if it'll be a next gen game? Could be brushed under the rug if it launches on current consoles after new ones come out next holiday.

fermcr4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

One question to BioWare ?

Where is Command and Conquer: Generals 2 ? Wasn't it suppose to release beginning 2013 ?

EDIT: Nevermind, i just found out it's Command & Conquer free2play game to release who knows when.

blue_cheese4326d ago

yeah i'm wondering about that too. all of EA's other "threequels" Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 along with Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel are all scheduled for early 2013, while DA3 is scheduled for late 2013. so i guess we won't really know until a trailer comes out and shows us the games capabilities.

ChunkyLover534326d ago

On Twitter the community manager for Bioware said "They aren't ready to talk about platforms just yet". That seems to indicate that it could very well be launch titles for next gen consoles, but I'm sure they'd probably release current gen versions as well, that way they'd maximize profits.

DeadlyFire4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Umm...ChunkyLover63. Review your statement again and look at who is publishing this game. EA publishes on EVERY platform. So yes it will be a next-gen game. Not a single doubt in my mind if the release is aimed at Q4 2013 or later its on next gen. including WiiU.

Trenta274326d ago

Frostbite engine? More of the original team? DRAGON AGE 3?!

Please don't rush it.

Son_Lee4326d ago

You don't have to be worried about rushing. It's been in development for two years already and has one more year of development left. I honestly think BioWare will redeem themselves with this one.

Trenta274326d ago

After the Mass Effect fiasco and SWTOR, Bioware needs to redeem themselves. I love them regardless, but a lot of the public lost faith in them this year.

Kalowest4326d ago

The only RPG developers I trust are Atlus, NIS, Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Namco.

NeoTribe4326d ago

I really hope your right. Dragon age origins was one of my favorite games. Than they released the pile of crap that was da2.

Hicken4326d ago

I wouldn't say ONLY, but I do trust every dev on that list, Kalowest.

I, personally, have never been let down by Square Enix(I enjoyed both XIII and XIII-2) or Sega, but I don't have many by the latter.

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Pintheshadows4326d ago

At least with Frostbite we know it will be a looker. I just hope that it takes more cues from DAO. And please, no Anders.

I think this will be Bioware's last game this gen. I think they'll develop new IP's for the new consoles.

dubt724326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

The fact that they are not revealing much at all tells me that this is also coming to next gen, and he can't say that until Microsoft and Sony announce their systems.

Roper3164326d ago

Hope it is more like DA: Origins then DA:2, I liked and enjoyed both but preferred origins game play over 2's.

Pintheshadows4326d ago

I adored DAO and thought DA2 was ok but I hope they go down the route of developing this as a PC first and foremost. Hopefully, that way, it will have the depth that DA2 sorely missed.

What i'd like back.
Origin stories, the ability to properly equip your companions, a large variety of wonderous places, the DAO gift system, the Grey Wardens, more than one city, the traditional PC style combat, the DAO dialogue choices, a silent protagonist, camp so I don't have to suffer through loading screens to talk to my companions.

MWong4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

I think most people preferred Origins over 2. It should be interesting. I hope they go back to an open world exploration system like in DO:A. I think they should take some pointers from Dragon's Dogma with boss battles.

I think if they can combine the good part of DA2(combat), remove quick travel, a new art style and the DA:O (storyline, Grey Wardens, multiple cities and villages and open world adventure) ... they might have a great game.

asyouburn4326d ago

I thought the combat was one of the shittiest things about da2. Turned me off of the whole game. I'd much rather have the d20 style back. Having to jam on a button the whole entire game to do your basic attack was shit.

schlanz4326d ago

I hope it blends the best of both games. Story and world great in scope and epicness as DA:O was, combat as fluid and skill tree as intuitive like DA2. The entire game needs a huge graphical overhaul. I'd almost rather it be a next gen game so they can throw everything at it.

And honestly I think this is definitely one of those cases where they know they screwed a lot up with DA2. Hopefully they fix the things that need it and leave the good stuff alone. Either way, it should be better than DA2.

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Profchaos997d ago

The quality of these free games has been awesome. Before anyone says they are not free I was already giving Amazon $6 a month for prime shipping and video this isn't why I pay for my subscription

Teflon02997d ago

Still technically paying for it, even if it wasn't your intent. They've been giving out games with Twitch prime, they just changed the name. It's the same sub as that was. If you weren't aware, great. But you're paying for it.

That being said, I don't personally care. For me as long as you're willing to pay that for 1 service and get more. I personally take it as free. Like prime video, music though the prime version is trash, and all the Twitch benefits are all free to me because I didn't care about those when I got it. Just comes with it.

Only noted because that's technically wrong as a defense to that argument, whether I'm on yourside with the initial statement lol

mkis007997d ago

It's free to anyone who has already been paying. IDK why people need to split hairs.