Sonic Adventure 2 HD, NiGHTS HD dated and priced

SEGA has confirmed that the HD remakes Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into dreams will be launching on digital platforms next month.

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SonyNGP3318d ago

$3 for the Gamecube stuff?!

Get the hell outta here, Sega!

BuffMordecai3318d ago

Yeah, it really should have been included.

Blastoise3318d ago

"Sonic Fans will also be able to enhance their Sonic Adventure 2 experience with Battle Mode DLC for an additional $3.00 / 240 Microsoft Points. Battle Mode includes more maps and characters from the beloved Gamecube version of the title, including the popular Chao Karate."

Im sorry, what? So instead of just giving people the gamecube version (the better version) they're selling you the dreamcast one and then making you buy the gamecubes extras separately? Wtf

NYC_Gamer3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Wow,talk about being greedy.

ToZanarkand863318d ago

Cant wait!!
Even with the add on it still only equates to around £10... Well worth it to me. I wont even buy the add ons unless they have trophies which woupd affect the 100% i want!

Hope the trophy hunting doesnt make me hate the game though like it did with Sonic Adventure 1...

cornroves3318d ago

I have both of these games on there original system....I win!!!

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