Nintendo Doesn’t Think Your Wii U Will Collect Dust

Maybe your Wii is collecting dust. Maybe you're sick of hearing people say that their Wiis are collecting dust. Either way, it's undeniable that the Wii has not garnered the same software support as, say, the Xbox 360. Or the PlayStation 3. The Wii's release schedule over the past two years has had some serious holes.

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NYC_Gamer3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Will Wii-U be able to handle the same PS4/720 third party software without hardware limitation.Reggie seemed to dodge that question along with the lack of many quality exclusives based on Wii era.

Carl_Shocker3199d ago

Well I don't know why he's dodging it...when the PS4/720 get announced next E3 then we'll know for sure, it's inevitable.

If it does happen then third party support will quickly drop from the Wii U.

live2play3199d ago

"Well I don't know why he's dodging it"

yea me neither

i was always under the impression reggie could travel time...
oh wait

WiiUalpha3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Carl has been on damage control since the press event. Anything to make Nintendo look bad... Like this for a prime example. Regi must know and just not want to admit PS4 is superior? What kind of BS logic is that?

Oh and now Wii U preorders are being faked by Nintendo to create false demand.. That kid is comedy gold. He literally feels threatened by a piece of plastic with a companies name on it that he doesnt like...

@CArl, LOL I'd expect that response froma fanboy who makes those claims to anyone defending against a troll account.

You are one of those kids that think saying a console is complete crap is just a little negative And you always come defend people trolling. Never bother to say anything about how wrong they are in their original posts.

If someone said Vita has no games and is a complete POS, you would attack anyone who tried to prove them wrong. THe proof is on your own post history. I'm not the first person you have done this too. In all honesty it shows you have some real insecurities.

This site is for everyone to give their opinion, not just the people you agree with.

The ONLY person I've said anything to though is someone who never had anything positive to say at all so i asked why were they wasting their time with a company they opnely admitted they wouldnt support.

You think its logic that Regi knows what the PS4 can do? That isnt logic, thats stupidity. Like I said before, he isnt present at Sony's R&D meetings and its not logic that makes you think he should be

Carl_Shocker3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )


Damage Control....nope just looking at things logicaly instead of getting sucked into the hype like what happened with the Wii only to get right into the next gen and find my new console collecting dust after the hype has been shrugged off.

What about you anyway

Your obviously a 2nd account from an Nintendo fanboy on here who dosen't want to be bubbled down so you created another account to defend the crap out of the Wii U or Nintendo in general.

I mean your name is WiiUaplpha, you joined 6 days ago and every single comment since you joined has been you bashing peoples opinions down if they seem to be a little Negative towards the Wii U or Nintendo

So come on, who are you...whats your original username? You'll be found out eventually


"saying a console is complete crap"

Hmmm where did I say the Wii U was crap.....OH YEAH your making stuff up

Your going to do that to people when you bash there comments your going to twist them and make stuff up and you want to know why....because thats what happens when fanboys go into defense mode.

PopRocks3593199d ago

Not if the Wii U continues to sell and the future consoles don't. Compare the early years of the PS3 and 360. Developer support was weak for PS3 because it was a tough machine to make games on and it was not selling as well as Microsoft's console.

Then a few exclusives and some price drops later and the PS3 is doing pretty well for itself. The Wii U is no different. If it and its games sell, then third party support will always be there.

Look at the DS and PSP as well as the 3DS and Vita. Same story there.

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WiiUalpha3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

He probably isnt going to speculate on products that he doesnt know about...LOL.Not like he is present at Sony's R&D meetings.

live2play3199d ago

"Will Wii-U be able to handle the same PS4/720 third party software without hardware limitation.Reggie seemed to dodge that question "3.

...maybe because he has no idea what the ps4 and 720 will be capable of....along with the rest of the world...?

RivetCityGhoul3199d ago

personally next gen i think more devs will be developing more games with the limitations of the wii U in my mind. if their is any compared to the other next gen consoles since we don't exactly know what will be in the 720 or PS4. i think next gen we will be seeing alot of 1080p games running at 60 FPS. devs are gonna look at like this "we can release a higher budget game on only PC, PS4, & 720 or we make a lower budget game and save money and at the same time make even more money releasing it on PS4, Wii U, PC, & 720.

ronin4life3199d ago

That's what they've done this gen after all. Xbox360 upped for pc and PS3. The Wii was left behind because it was too far back in power( plus, the Xbox launched first). I don't see the wiiu being left as far behind this round.

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Apex133199d ago

My ps3 and Xbox ar collecting dust right now. There comes a time when you're just not in the mood.

TheFallenAngel3199d ago

As long as they get good games and a good online service i doubt it will collect dust.

ChunkyLover533199d ago

There is going to be a lot less difference between the console next gen compared to this one. Nintendo has an HD console for one thing. I personally think we'll see improvements next gen, but I doubt it will be as big a leap as this current gen was. I actually think Nintendo makes the biggest leap from Wii to Wii U, that isn't to say the Wii U will be most powerful, but just the difference between their generations will be the most significant.

That being said, why would it collect dust? I don't even let my Dreamcast or Sega Genesis collect dust. It looks fantastic and seems to be launching with great games.

RivetCityGhoul3199d ago

all Nintendo needs to do is announce Star Fox Wii U and they got a automatic sale like no question. just take my damn money Nintendo.

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