Do The Walking Dead Games Really Have Choices?

Addict of Fiction's Custard Trout takes a look at choices in games and if they actually heavily impact the story or game, focusing on The Walking Dead.

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Sketchy_Galore2274d ago

I don't want to read the entire article because it somehow ruins it to know how my choices would've had different outcomes. I began another play through of the game but quit after an hour or so for this same reason. Of course many of, if not most of your choices in these types of games do no matter. The trick is that a good game like the walking dead will leave you clueless as to which few choices will really matter in the long run. Meaning you have to treat them all as important just in case.

You also have to consider that it's just a story and none of the choices matter ultimately but every little choice alters and personalises my story even if it doesn't hugely affect the course of the whole game.

ziggurcat2274d ago

well, no... they really don't.

the game gives you a false sense of choice, but you're really only following one of X amount of pre-determined paths. even the infamous mass effect didn't really give you the freedom of choice you thought you had.

FinaLXiii2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Then Heavy Rain is the same thing according to your logic.

Heavy Rain choices end up being the same. You take a similar course of action during the whole playthrough like Ethan being captured by the police in different situations that end up exacly the same way.

These games have choices but that wont realistically change the whole game in a whole, these choices are just there to give more flavor to the game than simple talking cut scenes.

masa20092274d ago

Fallout New Vegas has some genuine choices.
It's the recent action game that comes the closest to fulfilling this promise.
Much more than Mass Effect, Walking Dead, Skyrim or Fallout 3...

Older CRPGs (some done by the same guys who did FNW) might have the same sort of branching paths, like Planescape.
But since their gameplay is more akin to that of a party micromanagement strategy game, this probably leaves New Vegas as the most narratively open ended action game.

The original Deus Ex also has many options, but I'm not sure if the main narrative can really be affected that drastically, or if most choices pertain to individual mission resolutions.

No_Pantaloons2274d ago

No unfortunately. I started a 2nd game and was fairly disappointed when I picked different options and few had any effect, some seems to give the same canned responses for both choices. That being said though its a intriguing story and enjoyable point and click adventure so I'm excited for the other chapters to come out.