WipEout Dev Team Back From The Grave?

A tweet from the WipEout 2048 Twitter feed may be indicating that all is not quite over for the dev team and the WipEout franchise.

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sinncross3232d ago

Would be great if something came of this.

BlackIceJoe3232d ago

Well this is interesting news. I hope to hear more news soon.

Cajun Chicken3232d ago

Tweet be deleted, more to this than meets the eye.

rymanb3232d ago

Nah it's still there :)

It's also on their facebook as well. I really hope Sony have reversed their decision...

Nelson M3232d ago

Great News
Great Game
Great Dev Team
Just Great !!!

GodHandDee3232d ago

well 2/3 of the staff was not fired..just relocated iirc. so I'm guessing they are part of other teams at the moment and we will definitely see a new wipeout for ps4/vita.

so basically same talent, different banner

PirateThom3232d ago

Yeah, I think people took the Studio Liverpool closure the wrong way, it was mostly talent relocation to other studios to improve them and save money on infrastructure and one of these studios is likely going to be behind Wipeout PS4.

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