This is Waiting: The UK Public

RPGSite takes to the streets to see what the general public including core gamers, casual gamers, parents, and people who work in retail think of the PS3 price and the fact the sought after console has been delayed until 2007. There are some interesting responses.

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hardwood20015908d ago

great article but it really doesn't represent the masses(yet).

TheMART5908d ago

Yeah, this is waiting in the whole of Europe. Oehoe Sony if you don't know yet, Europe is about the biggest market and fastest growing. The EU is just expanding with some new countries... Former Eastern Europe countries, fast upcoming economies

They will be missing the boat completely this time, while MS is just expanding, into India, Eastern European countries and South Afrika soon. I have no idea who is doing their marketing, but it must be a total primate like creature

Marty83705908d ago

Sony has always been strong in the UK,so PS3 will sell really well.Like PS1 & PS2.PS3/Blu-ray are the future.

ChickeyCantor5908d ago

EU isnt included till mid 07 ....

BlackCountryBob5908d ago

Oh my, what is wrong with my country men? I think as many people still regard GTA as a playstation game and many will be buying their console in the next 6 months It think Microsoft should probably try an advertising campaign in the mainstream to publicise this news so more people will be tempted to buy a cheaper xbox now instead of waiting for the PS3 and being caught in the hype.

Boink5908d ago

pretty much sums up how it will likely end up being. the fans will wait, and will buy it no matter what. parents will not buy it as a present as it's too $$$$, some will say screw it and buy a 360.

if you check all the comments that were up after the announced delay in europe(ie eurogamer) they were echoing the same statement.

MS and Nintendo can really capitalize on this this xmas in europe with some really strong marketing.

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The story is too old to be commented.