The Sun initiate Wii U attack

Nintendo Insider writes:

Continuing to demonstrate their hatred of Nintendo, The Sun has now turned their negative gaze upon the Wii U.

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CustardTrout2226d ago

Amazed they didn't put "It'll turn your kids into killers."

G20WLY2225d ago

I found this title easy to believe; after all The Sun is a notorious rag. But then I read the original article and saw that it finished with a contrasting pro-Wii U point of view! That part was conveniently left out of Nintendo-Insider's rage-filled response article...

I disagreed with much of what The Sun wrote, but then they made some valid points too - it's actually an uncharacteristically well-balanced ‘pros and cons’ article!

I have to point something out too, since NI are ridiculing The Sun as a publication. "The Sun immediately denied that they weren’t deliberately targeting Nintendo..." is a double negative - nice work, guys.

Perhaps, if NI let their rage die down long enough to proof read their own rants, they could earn the credibility to be taken more seriously than The Sun?

Some will like it, some will not – personally, I’m hoping the Wii U does great and I don’t need articles like this trying to make my mind up for me!

Moonman2225d ago

Has the sun ever responded to 21 million 3DS's sold regardless of their antics last year?

L6RD7BLU32225d ago

Why does the sun always rise over a pile of shi*

TongkatAli2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Why is gaming turning into whining about every little thing ? Hey you got to sell copies and make a living. No hard feelings.

I like apple, but not for gaming, finding a Thai place to eat near by the iPhone is awesome for that.

dark-hollow2225d ago

"you could spend your money on “a lifetime’s supply of iPhone apps,”


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The story is too old to be commented.