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Makasu3328d ago

Or as Claptrap would have said... "Wait... is that? ... Oh no, not again! Ruuuuuuunnnnnnn!"

chriski3333328d ago

Damn it! This looks pretty cool but i didn't like the first one don't know if i should buy it???

Makasu3328d ago

If you have a buddy you can play it Co-op with it's a must buy! Great action and I'm sure you'll be laughing at the jokes and story too.

Baba19063328d ago

i wouldnt if you didnt like the first one. couse even though it wasnt perfect the gameplays was really fun. maybe its just not your thing.

scotchmouth3328d ago

Forgot i had my phone volume on at full blast. People are going to be wondering just what in the world is going on in the handicap stall at work. Lol

Spenok3326d ago

I bought it today, and it's pure awesome. However its similar enough to the first that if you didn't like the first, than you probably wont like this one either.

Going on my opinion I would say buy it, especially as Makasu says, if you have someone to play co-op with, its an absolute must buy. But it all just depends on what you want to do man.

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r213328d ago

This month is gonna be a good time for gamers :D

Der_Kommandant3328d ago

Time to go back to Pandora!

baj3328d ago

I can't wait. So much that I preordered two copies, which reminds me I have to cancel one of them.

But yeah. Want it now.

Makasu3328d ago

You might just want to hold on to it in case the first copy melts down from all the playing...

Blitz0013328d ago

This one day which left couldn't get any longer :/

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The story is too old to be commented.