Shin Megami Tensei IV Second Trailer Released

Atlus has released a new trailer of Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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ritsuka6662225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I just creamed my pants guys,that's what I love 3DS, full length RPGs in squinty vision!Anyway,Atlus just announce it for the USA!

-Mika-2225d ago

Srry but the game doesn't really look good. At first I was upset this was a 3ds exclusive but now im fine with it.

The characters and art-style is really bland. There nothing special about it. The battle system look lame as well. I thought it was going to be using 3d characters models like the persona games but It not.

It just doesn't look good. Hopefully atlus is developing persona 5 exclusively for the vita. 3DS owners can have this.

DJZed2225d ago

Where did you see the USA confirmation? Link would be sweet!

CaptainSheep2225d ago

Getting a Vita for Persona 4 Golden.
Getting a 3DS for this.