EA Says You'll Experience Burnout Paradise DLC - Even if You Don't Buy it

Publisher Electronic Arts confirmed to MTV Multiplayer today that Burnout Paradise's additional content allows gamers who choose to opt out of engaging with new content to still see the new content in-game while playing online. Additionally, EA says the content will be a combination of pay-to-play and free.

"It's our intention to extend the life of Burnout with additional DLC in the near future. As mentioned, we don't want to split the online community between those that have content and those that don't. Our intention is to offer both free and paid for DLC in a way that enables everyone to 'see' the content, even if they have not paid for it," said an EA representative in an e-mailed statement.

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SilPho4328d ago

This should be interesting. Might actually help them get more people to buy the content if they can see what it is first.

Although this kind of "see before you pay" content just sounds like new cars and liverys. Let's hope there is something more exciting in store for us.

Mattearl4328d ago

I'm thinking extensions on the maps, cars, modes, and probably more stuff.

Count me in, i love this game!!

PMR_214328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

are you high to have a britney spears avatar? whoa lmao

DongHungLong4328d ago

"Extensions on the maps"

LMAO imagine driving with some friends down a road when 2 of you hit an invisible wall and the others keep going so you can "see" the extra content O_o.

Proxy4328d ago

I passed on this game partially because they were already talking of new ways to take my money before the game itself was even released...

BloodySinner4328d ago

That comment made me laugh. Because it's true!

Yi-Long4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

...the game is barely out and already the gamers are kinda expected to dish out even more money to enjoy the full experience. :(

Burnout Paradise has just made my 'dont bother' list. I'm not interested in games that come out with 'extra' content, just a few weeks after the game was released. They INTENTIONALLY left content out so they can sell it a few weeks/months later.

I dont want any part in that.
This whole DLC scam that's going on, is really starting to ruin 'gaming' for me...

GIJeff4328d ago

60 bucks is a LOT for a game anyways, then they're asking for 10-20 more for more cars? It's a blu-ray, they could've put 1,000 cars on there and still had plenty of space. This is BS. Pro Street was selling cars that were already in the game, thats low. I mean $hit EA, they have enough in game ads to more than pay for the game, wheres my FREE ad-ons for subjecting me to a constant barrage of ads while playing a video game? Ugh, I'm pissed.

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