Lost Planet 3: ‘only one playable mech in single-player campaign’ – Capcom

Lost Planet 3 publisher Capcom has revealed that players will only pilot one Rig mech in Spark Unlimited’s darker take on the franchise. So don’t expect to be piloting the same wide range of wacky contraptions that you used in Lost Planet 2.

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yami9302223d ago

And this is 'only one' of the reasons this western take on Lost Planet is going to suck in comparison to those before it.

vortis2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Pick your battles bro.

I don't mind only one mech being in the game but I do mind that LP3 seems to take all the fun parts out of the game that made LP2 so awesome.

LP2 was so easily replayable because it reminded me a lot of Monster Hunter meets Gears of War. LP3 looks way too Westernized, though, but hopefully they prove me wrong and showcase some of the fun over-the-topness that made LP2 so amazing.

yami9302223d ago

I probably could of worded that better, i guess I have left over disappointment from every other Capcom decision, they could at least made this a spin off, I would of been fine with that, but they had to call it LP 3 :/ this was probably one of my favorite series from capcom and its another series they are out to ruin, I actually like the way Ex Troopers is looking, I dont like the style of this one, only 1 mech in first person sounds repetitive, they took out the grappling hook mechanic which was a great part of the game from what I've seen (was like just cause 2 grappling hook) I never liked dead space so I dislike the new dead space sections and style and there are some things that now dont make sense being that they are trying to make a prequel, like the use of thermal energy (now being currency), and how can the characters walk around with no helmets and other equipment needed in past games (plus the story so far doesn't seem very interesting)? The game may or may not suck, but usually things that go from Japanese to more Western seem to not be very good (to me at least) and being capcom its hard to be optimistic

ronin4life2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Have you heard of EX Troopers? It is a spinoff form Lost Planet for 3ds and ps3.
Capcom have stated they have no plans for localization, though(despite taking out trademark filings outside of Japan, if memory serves..)

vortis2223d ago


Yeah man, I saw that game, it looks amazing.

EX Troopers looks closer to LP2 than LP3 does, but yeah it's a bummer there's no word on localizing it for America.

Capcom really knows how to make quality products but their business is plagued with bad decisions. So much hate.

HeavenlySnipes2223d ago

Then this game is garbage. The only thing LP1 & 2 lacked was a great story and a main character. Why remove the things that made the game recognizable in the first place?

Grimhammer002223d ago

Exactly! Mechs are what gave this ip uniqueness!

Now it's just generic space tps. Sad.

LP2 had issues....but mechs certainly were one if them.

FarCryLover1822223d ago

Wow, I forgot all about this game.

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