'God of War' Lead Creator David Jaffe Talks Development Plans For PS2, PS3 And… PC?

David Jaffe would keep making PS2 games if he could. He's done with $10 PS3 games. And he's got some ideas for PC. And he's not making a Nintendo or Xbox game any time soon. Those are his plans.

So if David Jaffe was on your fantasy game development team, which console would you assign him to?

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crunchie1014323d ago

Late 2009 at the latest for the first PS3 game? ugh..

please leave the PS2 alone, gah!

smokey_vols4323d ago

He changes his mind too much. He was all for $10 PS3 games a year ago. I'm getting tired of hearing about him.

deeznuts4323d ago

well it's a good thing he cares about his family and not about what you think.

sony comes to him with a check, with a brand new business, well why the hell not? at least his family won't be mad at him like the doctor from brain age!

smokey_vols4323d ago

It's just my opinion here buddy, it's not like i'm sending Jaffe hate mail. You can chill out.

THE_JUDGE4323d ago

once. When did he change it all the time? He quit Sony wanting to make smaller games and now he wants to make medium sized games. That was one mind change. Besides I think Dave Jaffe has done enough great work that he can change is mind any time he damn well pleases.

crck4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

into Calling All Cars. You could kind of see it in his attitude during interviews. He had a good enough for $10 air about him. And to tell the truth it wasn't good enough for $10. I mean 3 maps? I don't count that last map because it was basically a flat square to drive around in. It reeked of complacency. The game had a good premise but it wasn't much for the money. And to tell the truth in his current mindset, he wouldn't belong on any body's fantasy dev team. He seems to be all about the money now and cashing in. I mean who just starts a company and says we would love to sell the company, thats what its all about. Thats how you make money in this industry. Why don't you make a decent game before dreaming about selling out.

InYourMom4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

If I spent all that development time on a $10 PS3 game (Calling all Cars) and then watched it flop because the people are watching Blu-ray movies and not buying it. (I do like the game btw, it just get's really repetitive)

cellypower4323d ago

I own a ps3 and I don't own a bluray movie> I brought calling all cars.

barom4323d ago

i didn't buy any blu ray movies and i didn't buy calling all cars

guess we humans are all different after all

Yipee Bog4323d ago

He seems to be way too much into the money. Sure its a job, but why would he want to make games to become a millionaire? Go into real estate for the money. I used to have so much respect for dave, now I don't know if he lives up to my hype, in my opinion.

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