X'06 FORZA 2 Hands On

Finally, the green light is lit. Gamespot go hands on with this highly anticipated Xbox 360 racing game.

"Though the Forza 2 build was still suffering from the same frame rate problems that was featured in the last game, one thing is for sure: the exacting, demanding, and compelling driving model that marked the first game is well-intact with Forza 2. Thanks to an improved rumble system in the Xbox 360 controller, you feel more in tune with the asphalt than ever before--it seems as if every undulation in the road is immediately conveyed to you in your hands. More than that, you feel even the slightest shifts in weight and can immediately correct--so that your hands are always busy when turning laps in Forza 2. Consider turns two and three at Tsukuba, for example; a ridiculously tricky and quick left-right switch just before the tightest of left-hand hairpins. Run too fast into the switch and your car balance will be all out of whack when entering the hairpin. In Forza 2 this is still as tricky a corner as they come but the improved feel of the road, coupled with the upgraded rumble functionality give you more sensory information than ever before for tackling (and hopefully conquering) this demanding series of turns. It took some time to compensate for the new and improved physics in Forza 2 but, after a bit of practice we were regularly turning 59s at Tsukuba and feeling proud of ourselves.

While the game demo featured a one-on-one race against a computer-controlled opponent, it was tough to tell if the same vaunted artificial intelligence found in the first game was on hand in Forza 2. We didn't notice the other car make any drastic errors in judgment when following close behind us, for example, but it didn't make any obvious moves to get out of our way when we began to trade paint, either. The damage model, which was discussed in the previous preview, certainly did look impressive as we took a lap to simply bash our ride into as many objects as possible. It seems like performance-affecting damage has yet to be fully implemented in the game, as even after running into a number of barriers in the demo, our car was running more or less at optimum condition."

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cosmoracer5912d ago

I am a big xbox fan, but I gotta say, GT looks sooo much better. It's not just the cars. It almost looks like PS3 is using photos and overlaying them on polygons. Also, look a the roads. Every inch looks better on GT. Also, the terain on GT looks seemless.

However, on the PS3 has anyone else noticed that they heavily use motion blur whenever there is quick movements on the screen? I think it is some technique to avoid a drop in framerate. It definately looks better than a drop in framerate, however, it doesn't look quite right either.