How the Wii U can beat PS4/Xbox720

Trying to predict future sales and “console wars” is a dicey move. The little white box known as the Wii is slowly pushing itself to 100 million – a amazing feat for a console that had motion control, a dated specs sheet, and low third party support. We look at some of the way the Wii U can combat the new consoles in the next year to two.

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Hatsune-Miku2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

It can't. The cheaper price of a Nintendo console always helps in its success but unless the next gen consoles are more than two times the Wii u I don't think the Wii u stands a chance.

Realistically I know the Wii u will have a few million units sold by time the next gen consoles are here. the next gen consoles will be far superior to the Wii u with their hardware and games where multiplatform devs will quickly focus on the high spec consoles. An artist would rather to display his art work on a bigger and cleaner canvas instead of a paper napkin. Also Nintendo consoles haven't proven in this day and age to be a core gamers machine where the PlayStation and Xboxes have proven that. Devs would rather to give support where they aren't limited in technology and something that they know will sell on devices that most gamers feel comfortable.

I'm a NES fan but the Wii u is a console with little to no real differentiator to hd consoles now in its gimmicks which are bested elsewhere and its hardware power. It doesn't have enough software support to sustain it long enough or seem like it does due to the lack of preview. Third party games of this gen with meager exclusive lineup wont help

ElectricKaibutsu2275d ago

I don't know how it's going to pan out but I think devs will simply develop for the most popular system as long as it's powerful enough. For example the PS2 compared to the Xbox and Gamecube was the weakest but got the most support. Now the 3DS is weaker than the Vita (and before that the DS was weaker than the PSP) yet the 3DS is getting the most support. Developers will get their games published on whatever systems will make them the most money.

mcstorm2275d ago

That was what I was just thinking. I really don't care which console sells the most as long as the WiiU, PS4 and the next Xbox all sell well as this gives us more choice and gaming experiences across more platforms.

Septic2275d ago

We just don't know enough about the PS4 or 720 to make a judgment but it largely depends on how Sony and MS approach designing the new consoles.

We know that quite a few developers have been been vocal about current-gen tech being outdated but one thing that will take precedence over power is accessbility and how developer friendly the tech will be. Sony cannot repeat their mistake with the PS3 and I doubt they will do so. With rising development costs made even worse with the introduction of new tech, I doubt developers will entertain a platform that gives them unnecessary trouble.

Exciting times ahead though- I can't wait to see what the next-gen has in store for us.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2275d ago

the PS2 was weaker than the gamecube Seriously? I just want confirmation it was cause I did not know that.

DeadlyFire2275d ago

The real catch and card Nintendo is not playing is what will hit WiiU in 2013 after the launch window. They want to wait until E3 for that I believe. Nearly every new multiplatform game should hit the WiiU and if install base grows as fast as Wii/PS2 have grown then it will stand a real chance of keeping alot of its third party support. If you can live without Halo then WiiU might be a fine choice if ya want free online instead of XBL payment.

Nintendo has us in the dark with its Online network other than Miiverse. Very little do we know about it.

christicehurst2275d ago

I think E3 2013 is when Nintendo will hit hard with a Metorid trailer for release during the year and some words about the next Zelda and of course Super Smash Bros. Also a Mario Kari Wii U does wonders for your console install growth

makemyteapunk2275d ago

I could see them beating the PS4 because Sony have lost a load of their fanbase to MS and as a company are in the gutter. There is no way they will beat an xbox console though with regards to hardcore gaming. If Sony cant beat MS, Ninty certainly wont.

I can foresee Sony totally failing next gen.

chrisarsenalsavart2275d ago

Playstation is a much stronger brand than you think.
If x360 launched the way ps3 did, xbx will probably be dead.
But ps3 not only survived the high price, programming issues, network issues it made the brand stronger.
Playstation did not dominate this generation but neither did microsoft nor nintendo.

makemyteapunk2275d ago

Maybe you overestimate the power of the PS brand. You sound just as ignorant as arrogant as the as the Sony chiefs that promoted the PS3 on launch. "get a second job" "best console ever" and so on.

Ninty were hugely sucessfull in creating a new market for causual gamers. They sold the most consoles.

MS went on to take a HUGE market share off Sony in the "hardcore" market. They went from being dead last, prev gen, to overtaking Sony as the most popular "hardcore console", with the highest rated exclusives.

Sony went from being the most popular consoles, to the least, losing huge amounts of fans in the process. They went from first, to last.

Sony is the only company that failed this gen. They are going downhill and i bet there wont be a PS5.

TrevorPhillips2275d ago

You don't know that. Wait till they show off the PS4 and 720 then you'll see.

iamnsuperman2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Well Nintendo can't really do anything but release competative games and service. The ball is really in Microsoft's and Sony's court

metroid322275d ago

Then ninty could offer a 4gig of RAM version for £350 that offers higher texture resolution in the same games and also lower the price of the current 2 gig wiiu to £250 for the deluxe pk and with so many games under their belt by that time ps4/720 will need something magic and i cant see people buying into a ps4 with 4 gig RAM and basically the same DX11 graphics as wiiu ??

ElectricKaibutsu2275d ago

I really doubt they'd do that unless you could also install the ram yourself like in the N64. It would segregate their customers too much.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2275d ago

Wii U might not be as powerfull, but its retail games are gonna be alot cheaper. I dont think real artists are that picky about their canvass.

Intentions2275d ago

Yeah....Only in sales, but thats about it.

_LarZen_2275d ago

As a PS3,X360 and Pc owner im getting a Wii U becaus of two things.

Nintendo exclusive games and new gameplay elements becaus of the controller. With the last part beeing most importaint.

Playing games like Batman Arkham City with the new controller looks so much fun I havent started playing it on the PS3. It has been staying in my shelf for a few months now after I read about the Wii U version.

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