The Wii U Is Not Expensive, Lets Break Down The Prices Against The PS3 & 360

Since the Wii U Press Conference wrapped up last Thursday, I have heard some complaints across the internet by gamers and journalists that the Wii U is too expensive. We here at could not disagree more. We actually think the price is just right for what you get.

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cyclonus0072249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

"Not expensive"?

There's a $150 Wii U controller that says otherwise.

Hatsune-Miku2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

The Wii u is rubbish and obsolete. It doesn't play DVDs or blu ray. The console is too expensive and it would be a better deal to get a ps3 or vita.its barely more powerful than a 7 year old console the xbox 360 and it has a control pad with a 10 year tech screen so the asking price for it is ridiculously too high.

The console is weak so one would expect there to be amazing software to back it up but it barely has any coming on release and a few months after. The older ps3 has more exclusive and unique games on the horizon due to be release more than the Wii u next year

Septic2249d ago

What are you on about? Have you seen the launch line-up for the Wii U?

Furthermore, focusing just on the raw specs of the console is missing the point. Nintendo could deliver some amazing gaming experiences and really utilise the unique controller. I for one, am actually quite excited. Even the prospect of taking the game off-screen and playing on my controller sounds brilliant.

Your view is cearly short-sighted. There is a lot of potential for the Wii U to deliver and whilst it, most likely, won't be comparable to the PS4/Nextbox in terms of specs, it may benefit from some amazing gaming experiences.

Don't be so quick to judge.

ALLWRONG2249d ago

Worried much Hatsune-Miku?

You should be. 3 times the power of 360/PS3 and for the same price.

gaffyh2249d ago

@ALLWRONG - You're all wrong.

Knushwood Butt2249d ago

@ Septic

Yes, and it's meh.

Ports of PS360 games long after they have already been launched on other platforms.

Oh yeah, Zombi U and another Mario game.

AO1JMM2249d ago

Your opinion is rubbish. The PS3 is last gen and is "obsolete" by your definition.

-1 for trolling.

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fermcr2249d ago

Wii U is not expensive. It's the dam games that are expensive. WiiU, PS3 and X360 games are way to expensive.

AsheXII2249d ago

That controller is actually a tablet that you get along with a console.

cyclonus0072249d ago

Can that tablet be used for anything other than playing WiiU games?

If so, thats's great.

If not, all MS & Sony have to do to overshadow the Wii U is offer iPad & Android tablet support to their new systems. Something they are both already working on.

Sanquine902249d ago

I think the wii U will flourish. I already pre-ordered and i hope that many gamers will follow. It is a shame that the wii U is doing so well and another device which is love is struggeling ( the vita)

bothebo2249d ago

The Wii U is doing well? Where are you getting this from?

Urbz78702249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Wii u sold out within 48HRs @gamestop and there sold out at most online stores too. .

Wii u sold out online.

Wii u sells out in 48hrs link

bothebo2249d ago

Okay. However, you don't know how many consoles were actually sold. If I recall correctly the Vita sold out in America.


So again, I'll ask the question. Is the Wii U doing well? You're answer: wait about a year.

Sanquine902249d ago

From the Shops who are stating the wii U is sold out. Thats all. But we will see:) I hope all consoles will flourish. Also my shiny vita:D If you are a gamer you want all consoles to become strong and sell a lot. War against mobile gaming ! ( handheld gaming is diffirent)

Father__Merrin2249d ago

the vita is struggling like the 3ds was before price cut, once vitas price is cut along with cheaper memory options its sales will increase, not 3ds levels but will increase never the less

metroid322249d ago

I agree the wiiu is a DX11/opengl 4.1 capable console with a GPGPU has EDRAM shared across the gpu/cpu and supports compute shader 11 enough said i think.

And a tablet controller that is just amazing for off screen web browsing or gaming wow.

U can use 1 of 3 storage mediums all 3rd party so no need to worry about getting cheap high performance storage as thats all their i'm very pleased with wiiu its a next gen console with the best of everything.

ninjabake2249d ago

Yeah its more like 10.1 equivalent but either way they can't use Microsoft's API so there is no directX compatibility technically.

doogiebear2249d ago

The touch screen on the wii u pad isn't even multitouch. Just saying.

metroid322246d ago

Multi touch is invented for gaming on phones and ipads ect no dedicated buttons thats why its needed when you have joysticks and buttons multi touch is not ever going to be used ???? Hmmmm u can still touch and drag with single touch and its super sensitive on 3ds it never fails to pick up even the slightest touch due to nintendo tweaking hardware as always.

KonaBro2249d ago

So much damage control. Yes, for a "next-gen" that has 2005-2006 tech in it, $300 is expensive.

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Shok2249d ago

Didn't know 2 gigs of RAM and a GPGPU was 2005-06 tech xD

vortis2249d ago

Yeah, it is.

Except, the GPU is more like 2008.

metroid322246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Its 2011/2012 and future tech all in 1 that's the truth.

2011 is the Graphics tech/2012 is the CPU tech and future tech is the whole concept in 1 package.

£350 is what the console is worth end of with the specs and ram and games out on release i've pre-ordered mine.

ALLWRONG2249d ago

If $300 is too expensive for what you say is "old tech" then what do you say about the prices of the tech that actually from 2005-2006?

Why does a PS3 cost the same as a Wii U when it would take 3 PS3's to match a Wii U?

Kingnichendrix2249d ago

are you out of your mind, do you realise how powerful the cell processor is? at 3.22ghz 7 spu's and 1 reserved for the os each running at 3.2ghz you must be out of your mind thinking the wii u is 3 times more powerful, graphically the wiiu is superior in every way it does have more ram also but to say its it would take 3 ps3's to match a wii u? really... smh

bahabeast2249d ago

i actualli want a wii u its first time i ever wanted a nintendo console from launch.

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