CPU Designers Debate Multi-Core Future

EE Times writes:

"Microprocessor engineers agree multi-core designs will be the wave of the future, but they differ widely on how to implement them and surmount the many challenges they pose.

That was the conclusion from an evening panel on the topic at the International Solid State Circuits Conference here Wednesday (Feb 5). The panel gathered senior chip designers from Advanced Micro Devices, IBM, Intel, Renesas, Sun Microsystems and startup Tilera."

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Lord Anubis4328d ago

"Brad McCredie, a chief microprocessor engineer at IBM, took the middle ground. He suggested computer processors will go through a phase of experimenting with on-chip accelerators such as the IBM Cell."

that's something that was predicted years ago and it the logical step. In a way we are going back to the birth of micro processors when they were specialized for a task.

jaja14344328d ago

Speaking from my somewhat small understanding of multi core design, as provide by the good old collage, I am in favor or few specialty cores surrounded by general cores. Basically every computer has to do certain basic instructions to make it run. Add, subtract, monitor reg. movement so having one core deal with that while another say, deals with the shells of an OS, while another deals with the executables and all the little things that all OS work with. Then you could have the general cores run all of the top level work, Word Processing, gaming, and so on.

But I really hated those 3 classes that dwelt with computer design so, I'll just go with whatever they say is best. :)

bootsielon4328d ago

It seems that "collage" had a good influence on you.

bootsielon4328d ago

The software model has to remain simple. Making processors complicated like the cell processor should be relegated to the console arena where you care about performance more than compatibility with other platforms, and where the processor remains the same for a whole generation.

I think that, on the PC side, CPUs should evolve into becoming better at Office tasks, and GPUs should integrate everything related with entertainment, including sound tasks, and also everything related with gaming, including PPUs for physics and AIPUs for Artificial Intelligence. That way huge enterprises won't need to spend much on GPUs, but rather on CPUs, while home PCs can focus more on getting a good GPU.

I think Sony, Toshiba and IBM should continue to develop the Cell architecture further for future consoles as long as we still use silicon chips, because after all, the Cell processor is great at any task given that you optimize your code for it, and that happens only or mostly in the console industry.

Genki4328d ago

multi-cores will be left in the dust once IBM gets their light processors off the ground.

Bladestar4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Now where the heck is DJ when he challenge me and acted as he knew what he was talking about when I said "Multi-Core is the future of CPU"... and this applies to every processor... including "light processors" .. the cell... or anything...

ohh yeah and about the cell... unless the cell is designed to be compatible with existing hardware and software it will not fly unless used for very specific products... it will never be used on personal computers... How do I know... Why is Sony not using the Cell for their own personal computers like laptops and home desktops? The Cell is great for very specific implementations... This reminds me of Apple computers before they moved away from IBM CPU.... how did it work for apple? now they enjoy from a lot more developer support... heck even their marketshare increased... The cell is being out for a while now... and yet we don't here anyone talking about using them on home computers... not even from Sony. Sony even got rid of the ownership... if they knew that every single computer in the world would use the cell a few years from now and that it's the future would they just sell it?

Damn.. I don't understand what's with you people against multi-cores.. is it because the PS3 cell does not have cores? even IBM the creator the Cell says, "took the middle ground. He suggested computer processors will go through a phase of experimenting with on-chip accelerators such as the IBM Cell. But ultimately the architectures will narrow down to using to a handful of specialty cores placed next to many general-purpose cores"... every CPU maker talk about multi-core and understand is the future... a handful of people in this site that think they know it all.. say that's not the case... mmmm... who should I believe.

Genki4328d ago

You're drumming things down our throats that everyone knows and nobody cares about.

Cell isn't for personal computers, noted. It's not meant to replace traditional CPU's, noted.

What are you trying to prove? Who cares, you're the one person in this thread ranting about nothing, get off of it.