Updated - New Satin Silver PS3 Console For Japan Does Not Come With DualShock 3

Kotaku reports, that controller pictured above isn't actually a DualShock3! For some reason, despite releasing the silver version of their updated controller on the same day, Sony are not including a DualShock 3 with the new console. No, instead it'll come with an already-outdated SIXAXIS. If they want a silver DS3 to match their silver PS3, Japanese consumers are going to have to fork out an additional ¥5500 (USD$50). Blergh.

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Cyrus3654324d ago

I don't understand this move at all? Why include the old Six Axis controller in the SKU over the dualshock3?

I guess they have a warehouse full of six axis controller they want to get rid of? And as well make people go out and purchase another controller (dual shock?)

ruibing4323d ago

If it helps save some for the U.S. I'm fine with it, I want DS3 by this summer for the states without having to import form YesAsia.

therealwillie4324d ago

well if they did sell it with the dualshock 3 who would buy the regular 40gb black for the same price

Cyrus3654324d ago

The people who like the black version? Yes the white and silver are nice, but alot of people like the black cause it looks sleek, plus as part of your entertainment center Black likely goes way better than White or Silver...

socomnick4324d ago

Another sku is Is the white ps3 coming stateside ?

damnwrx4324d ago

Upon Arrival, and so forth

Mattearl4324d ago

Bring that sh*t to the US damn it. It will sell! (because I want one!)

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The story is too old to be commented.