Neo Geo X Gold Gamestop Listing Shows Price & Date

TGH Writes: "Earlier this month it was announced that Gamestop would begin selling retro systems. Then Neo Geo was rumored to make a comeback in the form of the Neo Geo X, well it seems the two will go hand in hand later this year."

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DarkTower8052275d ago

Over 20 years later and it's still overpriced lol.

AAACE52274d ago

I remember when the original came out it cost 1000! I guess this is a discount lol.

scofios2274d ago

With that price it is Set to fail again.

ATi_Elite2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Yeh the Games were like $299 a piece!

Metal Slug 3, Fatal Fury Special, King of Fighters 98, and Samurai Showdown II were almost worth $299! "Not Really" but dam good games!

Overpriced but the Neo Geo kick serious But! It even beat PC graphics at the time of it's release!

Now i look at this add and think "Why pay $199 when my PC can do all this for FREE"!

darthv722275d ago

a niche product but one i will gladly purchase. Id love to see the handheld docked in the mini AES unit just for the sake of how it would all fit together.

I'd imagine it would look like any other AES cart in the system but its still cool. Much like the original neo itself, it will sell to only the diehard gamers who are serious about retro gaming.

ShadyDevil2274d ago

I think it is a bit overpriced unless it is planned to be limited the Wii U...heh.