Gamers Issue Message to Stop Hatin'

To criticize someone for video gaming exposes the ignorance that some people have of the far-reachingness of the industry. Gaming is very similar to sports - which usually involves people of all races, genders, and ages. Yet, no one criticizes sports fanatics for staying involved in the activity and following it into adulthood. The definitive message from gamers to haters? Get your own life and stop worrying about gamers!

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Spike474322d ago

yes, those haters are extremely annoying.

But I just refrain from talking about it in public places, it does'nt hurt me.

I'ma gamer when I get home, at any other place excpet my freind's house nobody would notice that I'm a gamer.

cain1414322d ago

I think the whole Fox News thing may have blown this a bit out of proportion. At least I hope it was an issue mainly with Fox. If (real) people actually believe some of this nonsense that has been spewing out over the past week there might be an actually problem ( or misunderstanding) between Games and the Media/Intellectuals that needs to be resolved

Relin4322d ago

This whole "gamers are still kids" issue has become really popular recently, and there's really no reason for it to continue. It's been seen as a child's hobby for too long, considering how many of those "kids" are now grown and bringing their own children into the hobby. Media needs to take off the blinders and get with reality.

thegamereviews4322d ago

Everywhere I go I talk about games and 9/10 people I talk to play games or know a gamer in one way or another.

Muppetmeat4322d ago

Wow... you told them. I'm sure all the gamer-haters out there read your site and are now taking your words to heart. Way to go... no really, you showed them all.