Miiverse, Nintendo TVii, eShop: 3 mysteries still surrounding Nintendo Wii U

Digital Trends - The months of anticipation are over! Now we know everything about Nintendo Wii U! It is naked before us, its gleaming touch screen visage bare in front of the world. We know the release date, we know the first party launch software line up, we know the cost, we know how many bundles there will be. Do we really though? Truth is, we know only the most basic facts about what Nintendo will have in store for the world on November 18th when the Wii U goes on sale. Here are just a few of the remaining mysteries surrounding the console.

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LX-General-Kaos2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

None of the things mentioned will be a mystery in a short two month period of time. Judging from the things I have witnessed on internet sites ever since the latest Nintendo Direct. It is probably best that Nintendo stays quiet to protect themselves from an endless smear campaign formulating from all corners of the world wide web. Things were peaceful until a few days ago. It seems that people let their emotions guide them, and everything in the gaming community as quickly turned into Kaos.

Once the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system releases to the Nintendo Elite supporter this holiday season everything will return to normal. Hopefully. All of the speculation and nasty filthy comments will decrease tremendously. Alot of people will return back to the ever so lovable art of gaming as the next generation officially kicks off.

Plus playing your trump card too early is just plain silly to begin with.

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